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Best herpes test shortly after possible infection?


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Hey everyone,


I just got my herpes test result back and it was positive. (I still don't know if i have type 1 or type 2, the doctor I went to seems completely inept - he didn't test for it saying that "it doesn't matter"). I've got an IGG value of 33 or so, IGM was inconclusive/


Now my girlfriend will have to get tested, but I am not sure which test is the right one.


Background info:

* I think I must have aquired Herpes over the last couple years. 2 weeks ago was the first outbreak I've ever noticed.

* We've been dating for about 3 months.

* The first 2 months of our relationship we were using condoms, the last month she was on the pill.

* I once had sex with her (without a condom) about 2 weeks ago at the beginning of my outbreak (only a small blister on the bottom of my penis). Another inept doctor initial said "there's no way you have herpes, this looks like a normal skin infection" so I went ahead and slept with her =(.



To explain the inept doctors: Not sure what things are like in the US, but I'm a Westerner living in an Asian developing country which probably explains the inept doctors.




If I have transmitted herpes to her (I really hope not) it probably happened about 2 weeks ago.

Which herpes test will be the best one in this case?


* It seems that the IGG test might not show results until 3-6 months after the infection.

* As far as I understand, the IGM test might work in my case but lots of smart people have said it is useless, eg: http://drjengunter.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/understanding-blood-tests-for-herpes/


Is there any point in getting tested at all in this case? Are there any other tests that might make sense?


In terms of potential symptoms, she has a tiny, tiny pimple near her vagina but it doesn't really look like herpes to me.

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Hi AgentG,


Unfortunately, there is no direct test that will be useful within the first 3-4 months at least. The only way to know for sure within that timeframe is if you have an outbreak and get it swabbed. That's because it takes the body at least that long to build up enough herpes antibodies to be detectable by blood tests. If she has a tiny pimple, then she could get it swabbed to test for herpes, but if it comes back negative that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have herpes.

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My understanding is they need to be able to get the discharge from the blister/pimple so it really needs to be open or about to open....but if you are in another country they may have a different test that they go by.


In the labs where they test for shedding they have super sensitive testing methods that can detect the virus shedding with no outbreaks - I doubt they will have that in your local clinics. However, your best bet is to ask how they do the testing there...


Can you find a Western Dr there? Or an OBGYN?


Otherwise you probably just need to be patient and wait the 4-5 months and use all the precautions that you can - Valtrex/Acyclovir, condoms, and no sex if there is any chance of an outbreak :(

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