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Confused about herpes diagnosis - 3 different doctor opinions

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Here's a thread I started with the same confusion...



There is good advice in here from some who have walked this road much longer than me.


I think I'm starting yet another o/b, so I will follow up if I end up @the doctors again.


I really feel your frustration. Know that you are not alone in this. Perhaps in the future, those of us going through this now can help change these kinds of things from continuing.


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although I will proceed as if i do because I will not do what my ex did to me. My spymtoms just don't act like herpes. The rash I have lookslike little pimples that spread after the doctor examined me. I have no pain, discomfort, etc. The pimple like spots have never blistered, scabbed,etc. I will continue to test every 6 months and see what happens.

my sympomts have been going on for almost 3 months but ththere's been a lot changes,stress. and different medications over the last 6 months

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It IS possible you have some kind of "acne" down there. I have a friend who gets it on her butt at times.... the only way to get an answer is to get them to swab the open sores and test for Herpes and perhaps do a bacterial culture to see if it's something in that vein.


It is also possible your body generally fights it off well and you are just barely breaking through.....


Again, I'd listen to the specialist (OBGYN) over a Family Practitioner/ Internist/ Whatever. But get those tests done ...that will give you the answer.....


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No no acne down there. Since only one says I dont have it and the other do say I do on some level, I have to assume they are the ones that are right. Bacterial was negative. From those 2 doctors we known what type it is. Your thoughts: How could my body be fighting it generally well if its been 3 months of symptoms that dont behave like herpes?

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