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How i disclosed hsv to my parents

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A few weeks ago i was car pooling with my parents to walmart when i noticed my dad cracking on my mom about her havin "syphilis on her face" my dad likes to cut up and xtuff that's just how he's always been. Well mom is like "stop calling it that. i was just saying at work the other day about how i havnt git a cold sore in five years." so I'm sitting in the backseat and I'm like uhhhh mama has herpes too. Well i proceed to say yeah hsv 1 causes cold sores. I got that too. I've always broke out with acne from time to time on my face and mom commences to say no honey there's a difference between fever blisters and ur breaking out with pimples from time to time. So I'm like no i don't think i get it there but i know i get it down there. Cue the awkward silence in the car. Dad just shakes his head and says he's surprised i havnt git something worse with my taste in men. Now my taste in men is fabulous however on to the rest of what happened. My mom i think more out of just having a reaction and not so much as wondering how asks how in the world i got it down there. I found myself being more awkward contemplating how to detail all that more than discussioning hsv so i just said id rather not talk about that mom. Justvletting u know i have that same skin condition just in a different spot. Anyhow i thought i would share this experience because i remembeer when i thought if my parents found out all kinds of chaos and drama was gonna happen. i thought my mom was gonna cry hysterically and blame herself i thought dad would puff up and start. giving the 9 degree and and making me feel like crap in general. But what really happened is they just blew it off. they still treat me the same. they hug me they're nit afraid to kiss me on the cheek goodbye or me kissing them on the cheek. they don't spazz out and talk about washing the toilet if i use it. I thought they would see me as something tainted and a big disappointment but they don't. I've also been thinking about the fact that my mom was actually just discussing her cold sore like it was just a cold to her coworkers while I'm all over here like NO ONE MUST EVER FIND OUT I HAVE THIS unless its someone I'm sleepin with or a close friend. Anyhow point is to my sharing this if you were like me and afraid to tell your parents you may actually be floored and find out they view it as no big deal. I actually feel closer to my parents now then i did before. peace and love yall and have a great day

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Wow - such a great story....


As I said elsewhere, much of the stigma is IN OUR HEADS.


It also goes to show the ignorance (and I mean as in, uneducated) of people regarding your mother's response ... how many don't either know about the oral sex/hsv1 connection (or perhaps about oral sex itself.... :P )


BTW, I had to chuckle at your awkward moment ... because my 85 yr old father was going on about something to do with oral sex the other day - long story there - and can you say OHHH. MYYYY. GAWWWD. was that a surreal experience. I honestly think he's been watching too much Dr Oz 'cause he was going on and I don't think he really understood what he was talking about. Lets just say I smiled and nodded....


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I felt the same way when I had to tell to my mom and sis, I thought they would get disapointed and tell me bad things but they didnt and still treat me the same too so I think we do all the storm in our mind, anyway I still feel so bad about having herpes, its like I cant forgive myself. I have had it for 5 months now.

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