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Woman to woman herpes transmission? How did i get genital herpes from my GIRLFRIEND?

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I am a lesbian how did I get genital herpes of the genitals not of the mouth from my girlfriend? well my ex girlfriend she has a boyfriend now, we share toys but I have hsv 2 im confused she kept tellin me she had flu like symptoms and diarrhea and feeling like she had to pee is that a sign of herpes?

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Hi PlzHelpMe,


Did you have genital-to-genital friction as part of your sexual repertoire? It is also possible that you passed it by sharing toys and not washing them in between. Even though the vast majority of the way that herpes is passed is by skin-to-skin contact, if there is active herpes virus on the mucous membrane of the genitals, then the virus gets on a toy via the warm wetness of sex, the virus could be transferred that way.


And no, diarrhea and feeling like you have to pee aren't direct symptoms of herpes, but flu-like symptoms are. And as we all know, the flu can lead to diarrhea.

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Ah, then that's probably how herpes you got herpes then, especially since women's periods produce more stress in the body that creates outbreaks or more viral shedding. Skin-to-skin is the most common way that herpes is transmitted. And it doesn't always have to be an active outbreak. You can get herpes via viral shedding when there are no visible signs or symptoms.




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You are not the only lesbian to wonder how you got Herpes on here... there was another discussion about this not long ago ....




And BTW, one of the times when women often seem to break out (and thus likely would also be shedding asymptomatically if they didn't normally break out) is when they are on their period ...


(and there is no TMI here .. #1 we are all adults and #2 sometimes that "TMI" helps us get you your answers :) )



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