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Third herpes outbreak

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Just when I start getting a long with my life and my stress levels are going down, I wake up this morning with the beginnings of another outbreak on my left butt cheek. Amazing. This is not a sob story, this is a full blown rant. Herpes is quite litterally a pain in my ass. Although I am thankful that I dont have the problems that some women do like unbearable sores inside and outside of the vagina, I am absolutely pissed that H is scarring me. Like, really, scarring me.

This may be a bit shallow, but I have a nice rump. I do squats, lunges, bridges, anything that will tone what I feel is some of my best physical features: my behind and my legs. Then H comes along and decides to leave its watermark right on my backside. ~X(

Im thankful that this OB is in the same spot as the last one, so it isnt creating a completely different scar, just expanding the first one. But this OB seems to be bigger, worse than the first that was origionally in its spot a few months ago. I thought I was over the hump. I thought this was all down hill from here and OBs wouldnt get worse,or bigger, they would just pop up randomly in similar sizes, breakouts would get smaller and eventually I would only have small symptoms once or twice a year. This OB has made me lose my faith in that thought and its frustrating. I dont know what triggered it. I had a small headcold Thursday. Ever since Ive had the groin pains and tingling all throughout the genital area. Im pretty sure the head cold was not a symptom of H, as some of my friends have been sick.

Either way I'm back on Acyclovir for ten days. I'm so glad I had it on hand. Which brings me to my question.

Has anyone used a scar reduction cream on a herpes scar before? Has it worked? I need to save my ass. In all seriousness. This is not cool.


Thanks for reading my outburst. I needed that.

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Hi Scorn,


I've never used scar creams, only Zovirax to treat the condition. I have my episodes on the pubic area, and it never leaves scars, the skin seems to heal good. How does it feel to have an episode in the butt? Is it painful? Does it always leave scars? I've had boils in my butt before, and those are really painful, and always leave scar, but I'm just curious how H behaves in the rear.


Hope you get better soon.



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Yes! It leaves pretty bad scars. Almost like a burn. It occurs about an inchaway from my butt crack and its been in the exact same spot all three times. It leaves a pretty gnarly scar every time, which Im a little embarassed about. Im sure an OB on the genitals wouldnt scar, different type of skin there. Im just wondering if scar creams would even make a difference. I was origionally misdiagnosed with shingles because my OBs occur in the same spot shingles occurs. Ugh. Thanks a lot, Ill be fine. I think we all get used to it eventually, right?

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