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My mind wont stop thinking about my Herpes

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Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first post, looking forward to all your comments and help.


I have had Herpes for almost 2 years now, and contrary to the norm my OBs are getting worse and worse they are almost back to back, I am sure I am not cross contaminating because I am very careful when treating the area and know how to keep it clean and dry and from infecting other areas, but I think it's the whole mind body connection that is making things so much worse for me. My head will not switch the herpes click off!!! for the past year all I have been thinking about is the HSV virus I am carrying and that I am a walking disease!!!. Can anyone give me any advise on how to make my over thinking over analyzing brain off!!! Thx everyone

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Welcome Nisreen! Glad you found us!


I've had Herpes almost all my life - (Oral since 3, Genital since about 17) so for me it's no big deal most of the time. I'm telling you this because you CAN and WILL get on with your life... if for no other reason than because you just plain HAVE to. :)


Yes - there will be times that it puts a damper on your life, but the more you can put things into perspective (It's not Cancer or anything life threatening... or as @elle789 pointed out, she has a friend who became a quadriplegic at 19 whose attitude inspires her to "reevaluate her situation".


Herpes often will be a great mirror for what you need to focus on in your life. If you are getting increasing outbreaks, then you need to look at what has changed that is bringing them on. Diet? Lifestyle? Job? IE: What may be bringing on more stress that you can change (or learn to deal with better). Sometimes Hormones can cause changes/stressors on you... many women get OB's with their period. Mine have pretty much stopped since menopause. Use this time to look at things that are unhealthy/toxic in your life and do what you can to remove them.


And here's a thought. You think Herpes sucks - perhaps you could volunteer somewhere like a hospital or shelter or whatever ... even for a few weeks. Gain perspective of how insignificant H is by comparison to so many things that we could be suffering from. Yes, there will be OB's and rejections to deal with. But We have other illnesses that we live with in our lives (colds, flu, sinus infections, stomach bugs, etc) that come and go and we don't make a big deal of them. And we get rejected for many other things than H - people will choose to not be with you because you are too fat/thin/old/young/tall/short/outgoing/introverted/whatever. It's all part of life.


You can choose to blame everything that goes wrong on your H, or you can just accept it as part of you now. Everyone has something that they don't like about themselves ... you can choose to accept it, or allow it to make you miserable. The choice is yours..



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@WCSDancer2010 Thank you so much for your friendly reply and your interesting approach to H I should definitely try to think about it in a different way, I know its something I need to work on, I have had it for 2 years but I have been in denial most of the time just pushing it away and pushing and pushing until recently I guess it all erupted like a volcano in my face and I really have to deal with it and I feel so lucky to have finally stumbled upon this website where I can be honest and not feel alienated. Again your words are truly appreciated. Regarding the outbreaks I am trying to understand why they have been happening back to back I am 34 years old I am not sure if this is an age where women have hormonal changes, as for diet for the most part I eat healthy but sometimes I do let go and indulge in junk or sweets so maybe even this little indulgence is significant for my body. Am going to keep a closer look and see if I can figure it out. I do not want to take Valtrex again as it makes me dizzy and gives me stomach cramps and makes me lose a lot of hair. So I am opting for the natural route and I hope I find something to make things better. Thank you

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Have a look at this thread - I just gave someone a bunch of links for triggers/etc. Certain foods and such can cause OB's ( I went through a short spell where I could not eat peanuts and chocolate together...lasted a few years), and yes, hormones :p


It's good that you are now facing it and not stuffing it down. Denial always blows up in your face at some point or other :(


If you go on supressive therapy you may want to try Acyclovir - I think some people get along with it better than Valtrex....and it's cheaper if you are paying out of pocket :)




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