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Back pain because of herpes?

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Get everyone sorry I haven't posted in a while but u have been reading almost everyday everything has been pretty good thank god I still have not had another ob since my 1st I. Oct hopefully u don't for a while praying I don't fingers crossed but today I have been having very bad back pain but on my upper back my shoulders and my neck could this be because of h or could I have just slept wrong or something I'm sorry I'm just paranoid and I'm always so scared the littlest thing is a sign I have been very stressed lately and kind of depressed crying a lot but I don't feel any symptoms around the area so I'm a little scared and confused it sucks cuz before a minor back ach would have never worried me :( ps for anyone who doesn't know my story I have genital hsv1

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The only link between H and your back pain is the stress you are putting yourself under (which transfers to muscle pain and tension). This *could* be your body telling you it's time to let it go...that you are "carrying" it too much and need to put it down. (I see this kind of thing a lot in my Massage office).


H will teach you, one way or another, to listen to your body. Guess it may have realized it has to yell to get your attention .... ;)


Peace :)

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Not necessarily... as I said, the ONLY link between your back and Herpes is that you may be stressed and the stress is causing one or both things.


Relieving stress? Many different ways - it takes time to learn to let go of the things that stress you out - esp the things you can't change. One of the biggest things I learned is to let go of "attachment" - which can be many things - attachment to how someone "should" be, or attachment to the answer you want from someone when you make a request. Or how the weather "should" be. Etc. Basically if you are saying something "should" be a certain way, you are attached to that outcome. When I mastered this (or at least, got it mostly under control) my life got a LOT better :)




Other ways to relieve stress - exercise, good diet habits (relieves physical stress on your organs which helps with the immune system), getting out with friends, a good long hot bath, etc. Taking care of YOURSELF (so many people take care of everyone else and then resent that they never have time for themselves - learning the word NO is a good thing!) is HUGE!



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