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A bit about me and my successful herpes disclosures

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Hi all, I've had HSV2 for two and a half years now... found this site about a year ago and have been checking in with you all since then even though I've just signed up today.


I contracted H from an ex bf who said he didn't know... we split up a few months after I was diagnosed due to other reasons.


I have disclosed twice since then... once to a person that I knew for about 8 months who I met through work. I told him after the friendship we had was going to turn into more. We had only kissed by this point but I knew where it was going so I told him and his reaction was one of surprise but he assured me that it didn't change his feelings for me. We had a relationship for a year, and split up this year due to other reasons.


My second disclosure was with my current bf who I met on a night out. I disclosed on the 4th date, he was surprised but listened and said that he really liked me and hoped that we could work around it :) It's been a few months now and things are great!


I hope this post helps those of you who are worried about your love lives :)

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I think all of us go through thinking we are unlovable, etc but it's because no one talks about it openly


Amen! Hopefully if we can get people talking about it comfortably HERE, they will find it easier to talk about it "out there".....


What makes me smile is how people are generally not comfortable talking openly about ANYTHING to do with sex or their "private parts". How often I see "sorry to be so graphic"...etc....


We are all adults - we are talking about something that is natural and about body parts that are sacred, but we are ashamed to just out it out there as it is. The more comfortable we are with discussing these things as mature adults in here the better we will be able to talk about these things with our significant others :)

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I agree with the Dancer. It's strange how we're not comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, but we're constantly surrounded by it. Everything from Victoria's Secret and our music to porn and movie influences. It's strange. We're comfortable with the romantic and carnal aspects of it, but not the logistical and medical side of it.


I have to be honest in saying that before this popped up, I didn't talk about sex or sexuality all that much. Now, it's like a complete 360 for me. And, honestly, that 360 is helping me to look at the H from a realistic, honest, and relaxed perspective. While my mind has firmly grasped the reality that it's a skin condition, my heart is still pretty wounded, and in all honesty, a little afraid about finding love in the future.


So, penis, vagina, blister, disclosure. Whew, that's a lot off my chest. Now, I'm going to go do some research on the orgasm, because that one can still be rather elusive at times.

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It is crazy how we are all scared to talk about sex even though we are surrounded by it daily. I mean there is always a stigma also on how we should look, feel, live, and be. I mean seriously this getting H thing has seriously helped me do a 360 also. In accepting my sex life and potential sex life with other partners.


&& I think you will do well finding love in the future. <3


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