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Another question for the ladies: Herpes and yeast infections?

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Ok so since I have been told I have HSV 1 & 2 an had my first OB, I have had 2 yeast infection (an never had 1 b4 I had H or an OB)an I do believe an OB is started on my belley. So my question is will I have a lot an/or several yeast infections from now on w/me having H an the rash I am gettin on my belly is that or what I have the shingles Herpes virus?

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It's possible that because you are dealing with something that is already irritating your skin that the yeast infection is taking advantage of the situation.


Yeast loves sugar... so you may want to try cutting that out of your diet as much as possible for awhile. I had a lot of yeast infections when I was young and I can't remember my last one now.... so it's not necessarily going to keep happening...


Regarding the shingles - have you had chicken pox? You can't get shingles unless you had chicken pox.... if the answer is yes, then you need to get it cultured. Also, does the rash have clearly defined edges between the rash and the healthy skin? That is a typical sign of shingles.


Also, start taking some good probiotics (you can get them at the health food store) and get some REAL yogurt (not the regular brands, get one at the health food store with LIVE cultures) and put it on the rash - if you can put it on and leave it on for awhile before you wash it off, it may help soothe the area. I was getting thrush in my mouth awhile back after a dental issue and I got rid of it in a couple days by swishing my mouth with the yogurt several times a day.


Hope this helps a bit



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