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Beside myself - herpes outbreak painful

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Ihave had H for. Year and 4 months now. Ihave only had 2 major out breaks and I'm in my third one now. iWork as a server and still worked threw the pain of a 4 hour shift. Iwas ok threw work and now after taking my bath with Epsom salt I'm in so much pain. I started taking my valtrex today and my friend gave me a cream to use but it expired a year ago so iCant take it and my pharmacy doesn't have it in stok till tomorrow and ihave a 5 hour shift tomorrow too. I'm always positive when it comes to talking about H and dealing with it but right now iCant seem to stay positive. I'm so stressed from work and that's what brought it on. I finally told my close friend of 13 years who is also my co worker today that ihave it and I'm in an ob. Idid it because itold everyone at work that imight have the flu and he is will to do a double shift for me and ifelt guilty. He didn't react mean or anything but he still offered. Ijust don't know what to do I'm doing everything I've done in the past and it's been 3 days and ijust want it to end. ICant hardly walk lay or stand. -.-,,,, my bf is trying to take care of me as much as he can and feels bad for me icridd for the past hour cuz I'm in so much pain. He has H too but has never endured a ob like this his are little and not so bad. What else can Ido home remidy wise besides Epsom salt baths?

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Awwwww --- so sorry you are dealing with this... and the first thing you need to do is try to calm down around it as you know yourself stress will only make it worse. I know that is hard but do everything you can to stop, BREATHE, and know that, like Labor, it WILL be over soon....


My first thought is to try another pharmacy - call around, see which one has the cream you need, and have them transfer the script for this one time to there. I'm pretty sure you can do that or ask your Dr to phone it in to the pharmacy that has it.


These links had discussions about various things people do to soothe the OB's. You say you are doing Epsom Salts baths - make sure you are using plenty of salts AND get in there 3-4 times a day while it's bad. The first link has info on Amonium Alum which is what I have used for years... I use it neat (dab some on the blisters) BUT my OB's are very small now and I get them really early - you may want to make a paste or strong solution to put on as it will sting a LOT when you put it on neat...BUT it will dry them us really well. Just be ready to dance around a bit if you put it on neat or in a strong solution...ask at the pharmacy when you call if they have that in...otherwise you may need to order it online for future use. ;)








Have a look at that and come back if you have any questions about those discussions :)




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