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Question: Does topical cream work for herpes outbreaks?

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So my doctor have me a topical cream to use. Iknow that when having an outbreak that deals with blister they are supposed to dry out to heal. Well my question is the topical cream really helps with the pain but will my ob go away if I keep using it? They blisters won't dry if they are moist. Should iuse the cream only when IHAVE to go out like for work or should I keep using it 3 times a day? I'd call my doctor but it's Saturday -.- please any info will help

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@HerryTheHerp - have you personally experienced topical cream speeding healing of your herpes outbreaks? Curious since I haven't heard from many people on these forums that topical cream worked for them.


@Sayyywhatt - In my personal experience, topical creams never worked to help my outbreaks. But that may be just me. Herpes outbreaks originate from way under the surface of the skin, so topical ointment only does so much to heal it. Taking medication helps to speed healing time while keeping the outbreak itself as clean and dry as possible. There are plenty of threads on this forum about how to take care of your outbreaks. Here are a few to get you started!






... and here are a whole bunch about herpes medication and natural treatments:










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I found that a "belt and braces" approach worked best - though at first I was only offered the Zovirax cream as well and it did an ok job for me. Don't know why i wasn't offered acyclovir until about 10 years ago because I know it was around for a lot longer. I guess the best way to put it was that the cream did better than nothing at all - when the acyclovir came along that helped even more.


After awhile I used the cream to start with to knock the virus back then went to Ammonium Alum to dry it up - eventually just started using the ammonium alum alone as it dried it up faster.


Now I just take the Acyclovir when I need it (as I am single) and usually only a couple doses as I usually kick it out pretty fast nowadays before it really erupts and gets nasty...



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Mines erupted and I'm on day 5. I'm taking my valtrex and the topical cream is called Lisocaine. I'm taking Epsom salt baths 2-3 times a day idk what else to do iCant really go out and buy anything cuz ihavnt gotten paid yet. It's alil better imean Ican lay and prop my legs up and I'm ok to sleep and if isit with my legs slightly open I'm ok other than that walking is a chore hands down iused the cream last night for work and was fine ijust know they need to dry out but I'm already on day 5 and it's not healing up.

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Ah - so the cream is actually to take the pain away - i'ts not a topical virus cream like Zovirax.


So yes - use the cream when you are up and about and need to keep the pain at bay - then do what you are doing at night - do the epsom salts baths and keep the area "open" as much as possible at night so it can dry up...


If you can find Ammonium Alum then that will help dry it up but it's not easy to find...you can get it online tho and it's not expensive


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Adrial, I used aloe cream and it seemed to have a positive effect. It definitely helped with the discomfort. Blisters lasted about 9 days from appearance to healing, and this was on the primary. Unfortunately, I developed a bad case of balanitis in the aftermath which I've been told can sometimes happen. Again, the aloe helped with that and that lasted about another week. Didn't take anything else besides Lysine at 1500mg a day. So, from my perspective, I'd have to say it helped. Next time, I'll probably try a Zinc cream/aloe cream combo as I've heard that can be rather effective.

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Iused my topical cream yesterday for work and today when ihad to run erronds ididnt feel pain today for about 4-5 hours and felt normal now the pain is starting to come back my dad said back in the day my uncle got it in high school and they made him put a heat lamp on it....do you think heat will help the healing faster? Ijust want the fastest healing because ihave a lot of long hours at work and work ALOT and ijust have to be able to work iCant afford to take work off and needless to say 2 people quit this month and my boss hasn't found anyone to replace them so it's just me and one other person doing all the shifts. Thank you for all your advice you guys I'm just low on cash and can't go out and buy anything. Ihave my valtrex and lidocaine ointment. Ijust want to see if there's anything iCant do besides buy stuff that could make this healing process faster so Ican get back to normal life and work. If ididnt have work it would be fine icould handle but my job is demanding and stressful

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For future reference, I used virgin coconut oil at the first sign of tingling and it never turned to blisters. Virgin coconut oil has antiviral properties. While using it topically can only do so much, I will continue to use it topically do to my "success."


Best of luck!

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Thanks you guys I'll use that in the future....it was bad and yesterday iput cream on at 12 then again at 4 and then when igot home I drew a warm bath water and sat in it then put 2 handfuls of Epsom salt right near my outbreak and BOOM I'm fine today (: I'm still using the cream cuz I'm still uncomfortable but I'm able to walk and move around and actually sleep without pain now (:

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I remember having Zovirax cream prescribed to help knock the virus down.


You can also use anything that is meant to numb the area a bit.... Sayyyywaht used Lisocaine....


Zinc based creams may also be antiviral....


And as you can read above, Virgin Coconut oil (and tea tree oil) is having a lot of success on here.


And get in the bath and dump a few handfuls of Epsom Salts in between your legs ... that seems to have great results in getting it to dry up

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Lidocaine helped Istill have a tiny bit of soreness but it's really helps...iwent from not being able to walk to being able to walk and go up and down stairs and do my waitressing job. They biggest key is what @WSCDancer2010 said about the Epsom salt it really helped me last night and ifelt really good when igot out

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Me too I actually went to the gym today and worked out with nooooo pain thank god.....I'm just glad that they are not as bad and they are less and less painful...my first ob as it's said was the worst and unbearable actually went to the hospital before it was confirmed ihad H and they had to give me a couple doses of morphine while iwas there

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Ya iwant to do it as naturally as possible. Ihate taking medicine and I'm diabetic so taking certain medicines mess with my blood sugars. I'd rather have my body fight it naturally and build immunity against it. I'm trying to eat better too and excerice more too iknow that helps. I'm just trying to bring my stress levels down. Works one stress scene -.-

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Yeah.. I notice that my stress level was coming down when my acne started getting better. I remember when I first found out about me having genital herpes I broke out soooo bad!! Hahahaha. Yeah I am trying to exercise more.... But the only thing I do is walk to the fridge !

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Hmmm diabetic eh? Yeah - stress doesn't help that either. And I wonder if your insulin levels may be affecting the breakouts? This is the problem...we don't have studies of how stuff like Diabetes may affect this thing either, but I'm willing to bet that your blood sugar/insulin levels WILL have some effect. Do you keep a record of your diabetes numbers each day? I'd be interested to see if your breakouts coincide with your numbers being out of whack...THEN we have to figure out the chicken/egg issue of which caused which to go to an extreme...but it would be a start.

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