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Questions about herpes transmission

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I have a few questions about the transmission of hsv2. I want to start by saying that I am brand new to this site and am so grateful to have found it as I have not been dealing with this infection well at all. With that said I have two pressing questions. When I had my first outbreak three years ago it was a huge fiasco as the doctor kept saying that what I had was not herpes, there were no sores, they did some skin testing and that came back negative, they even did a biopsy and it came back as folliculitis which resulted from a recent hot tub party I had been at. I finally insisted on a blood test for herpes and it came back as hsv2 positive but they said that it was not a current infection. I went into such an anxiety state that I lost 20 pounds (which I did not have to lose), I became extremely dehydrated which resulted in my eyes getting very dry. I was constantly checking to see if sores had broken out and I know that there were times that I then itched my eyes because they were so itchy and I was not in my right mind and I was very uninformed about the herpes virus. I have not had a problem in my eyes but could I have transmitted it to my eyes at that time and would at some time in the future break out in my eye? The other question is my young daughter often slept with me at that time, one night she had her foot lodged near my butt, I of course had underwear on but I am very concerned that she could have contracted the virus at that time. Thanks for any input that you all could provide.

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Relax, It's quite possible you had the infection for a while before you found out. That's pretty common. It's also possible that you don't have any outbreaks. Some people don't. Some people never have even one. Some have one, and then never see it again. It varies for all of us. And, just because we have the herper, it doesn't mean we can't also be affected by foliculitis, etc.


You probably didn't transfer it to your eye. You'd know by now if you did. And, if by some chance you did and just haven't experienced an OB up there, a little Valtrex or any of the others will clear it up before it causes any problems. It becomes a problem when it's untreated, and since your HSV2 is already established, you don't have to worry about autoinnoculation at this point.


So, your daughter kicked you in the butt one night? I wouldn't worry about that either. The possibility of transfer in that situation is remote at best.

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First - Welcome to the Forum.... we are here to help you to get informed and to help you learn to move forward with your H friend.


HerrytheHerp is right - you would know if you had Ocular herpes. And no your daughter won't have herpes of the foot. We had a great conversation here about protecting your family.... http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/2194/extreme-fear-and-remorse-family - that should give you a lot of info to work with regarding your daughter...but suffice it to say, your risk of transferring to her is remote...


(((HUGS))) and BREATHE my friend. You WILL be ok. I promise ;)

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(: I wanted to say welcome also.


They are both right. The chance of you transferring it to your daughter is slim to none. After I have done a lot of my research you are pretty much safe around your daughter. Like I was telling others my mom has it and never passed it on to me. I got it from sexual intercourse myself. ( I remember my mom was kind of blaming herself. She thought she gave it to me.) Whoooossaaaa and goosfraba.


I am sending good vibes to you love. (: You will be okay.

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