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Length of herpes outbreaks?

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I feel like my herpes outbreak has been on/off for two weeks now. It seems to subside and I feel healing and then I am itchy and a bit sore the next day. Its not awful, just more annoying than anything. Is this common? How long does it usually stick around. This is only my second outbreak.

Thanks for the help!

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well everyone is different. Some only last a couple of days with hardly any symptoms. However, if you are like me I had what felt like a continual cycle for 3 months and valtrex didn't seem to help. I'm ow on suppressive. Sorry I cant be of more help

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Hope got it right - everyone is different. Things you can do to slow it down -


1) Reduce stress - our H friend LOVES to come out and play when we are stressed... get your life in order and it gets bored and goes back to it's Nerve Ganglion home to sulk.


2) Read around here about what foods and supplements can help or hinder you - there are lots of great threads on here... here's a couple to get you started:


Alternative Treatments










http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/1624/herpes-medication-genital-hsv-1-how-to-keep-herpes-outbreaks-clean-dry#Item_22 My discussion amonium Alum)








That will get you started. If you still have problems, you may have to go on supressive therapy...but from what you are saying, it doesn't sound like your OB's are that bad....


Peace :)

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THanks @WCSDancer2010 !! I've always been into healthy eating, yoga and natural products, even prior to my diagnosis, so I have gone this route with this as well. I do EFT as well (I actually just finished doing it for an interview I have tomorrow, and then read your post!)

I think Christmas eating may have triggered this breakout. I find my body is sensitive to disrupting my routine.

I have been back on track though (healthy eating and supplements, exercise, yoga and mediation & adequate sleep) and I'm just a little disconcerted and worried that it keeps flaring up again. Your right, I feel as though I am lucky in that my flare ups are not bad. What worries me more is the thought that my immune system is being compromised and despite my health lifestyle it is not being successful in clearing the breakout. I need to find what works for me I guess.

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I finally got mine to where I would barely feel the tingle and take an Acyclovir for a day or so and put Ammonium Alum on it and it would barely break out. Things would change from time to time about what would trigger me but my main triggers were travel (sitting for long periods + stress), hormones, and for a short spell chocolate AND peanuts (together... in trail mix). So you just have to keep tuning in with your system.



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