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Herpes-negative partners + supplements to protect them from getting herpes?

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So - a lot of us are with people who don't have H. I've looked online a bunch and have sent questions via portal/email to some of my doctors regarding what my partners should be taking as preventative measures. Haven't heard much back yet. I'm wondering what you guys are using. Do your partners take lysine or vitamins to amp up their immune system? Would love to hear what you guys have found, if anything.


Let me know, please!

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Just generally get them to keep their health up.


One suggestion that I'm wondering about is to clean the area of the H+ person with rubbing alcohol as it kills the virus immediately .... I would say then to wash the H- person with it afterwards. Or at least wash off with soap and water. Anything you can do to kill any virus on the skin reduces the amount that might get transferrred. Or try Herry's Melissa balm/Lemon Balm ....hmmmmm ... maybe make a oil/lube with some of the essential oil in it.... it's anti-viral and smells good too ;)


Immune system wise - reduce stress, eat well, stop smoking ... you know, all the usual stuff. Might not hurt for them to take Lysine on a regular basis... I like New Chapter's Mushroom based Immune Supplement for boosting a weak system.

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@victoriaxxx- from someone who used to smoke a pack a day... Quitting was the BEST thing i've ever done. March will be 3 years!

even now sometimes when i drink ill get the urge.. take one or two puffs and im like "icky" LOL If you can make it past the first week it gets easier, just keep going!!!! :-)

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In the past, I used Melissa Balm on the OB and it seemed to soothe itching. I only have 2-3 per year. As a supplement, I use Lauricidin brand monolaurin supplement. It's a natural anti-viral. I needed it during cold and flu season as everyone in my office was sick and I don't take flu shots. I can't really say that it works but I was one of the few that did not get the flu. I also noticed that if I have some tingling, I take an extra scoop and it stops later in the day. Again, I only have a few OBs a year so can;t really say if it helps for H.

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