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Still Confused about H diagnosis plus complications

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Ok, i have posted that I have different results from different doctors. That is the same and still no clear answer. i have posted the my symptoms were similar somewhat to HSV 2 but didnt/dont look like and behave. 3 months into this still have some sypmtoms. so after more medicines for yeast, etc and another ob/gyn and consulting back with my normal ob, here is where I stand.

the new ob believes I have lichen Planus and/or Lichen sclerosis. Conformation is done by a biopsy. i went to new ob for another opinion and i felt like my ob wasnt really listening to after trying everythin he did that this cant be H or just H. My last exam by ob was 2 weeks ago for the continued redness, irritaion, rash, discharge,and skin color changes. he says probably yeast, took meds still have same issues; hence reason for new ob visit.

so i call my ob with new ob conclusions. his nurse calls me today with a recommendation for a dermatologist. she mentioned that the doc and even his staff had never heard oflichen Planus or Sclerosis. this adds to my doubts i have in the believe that my H diagnosis from him is accurate.

LP and LS are considered auto immune responses.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a medical consenses, studies/documentation that Lichen Planus CAN be caused by Herpes. it is suggested that lichen Sclerosis CAN also be caused by Herpes but no direct evidence for this particalr one. Both LP and LS are no joke!! Ls increase the risk for vuvlar cancers. Both can lead the erosive loss of vulva and the inability to have sex in some cases. there is no cure, just treatment. Treating H can aggrevate LP and LS vice versa. Other things can trigger these like Hep C, HIV, diabetes, possible genetics. None of which I have. although the exact cause of LP and LS are not known, i mentioned is beleived to be the accepted causes

There are 6 ways to look at this at this point:

1. if infact i do have H and have LP and LS, this will add to complexicty of my court case.It means I acquiered a further disease because of H, making my ex's liabilty and accountability for purposely ruining my life. Settling wont be easy because of the coarse of Lp and LS over a persons lifetime. Sypmtoms can go away on own, with treatment, and/or get worse to the things i mentioned in last paragraph.

2. I just have H and not the LP and/or LS. plus a mystery on my issues. BTW, new ob saw nothing thatlloked like i was having an H ob. i saw him on monday.

3. I dont have H and just LP and/or LS. which is no fun either.


4. I have none of those things and my misery is just a mystery.


5. Im just EFFING CURSED and in my life have i done so horrible to deserve this.


Keep in mind i aslo suffer from PCOS and adenmyosis.

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Take a breath. Breathe in, breathe out. In, and out. Relax for a second.


I'm going to let you know that yes, LP, LS, and the herper all the look very similar. I know because my doc thought the same thing at first, but there are unique differences, and again, if you've got blisters, bumps, bruises, whatever, get them swabbed right after they appear.


As far as LP and LS not being treatable or curable, you're wrong. LP is a very common condition and it generally resolves itself in time. It's caused by everything from allergies to medications and lifestyle. As you remove the cause, the body repairs itself, the LP just disappears. It can take time, but it does go away. LS requires a little more TLC, but it can be treated, and if scars do develop, they can be removed.


You know, I might develop cancer from smoking for so many years; I might not. I'm not going to give myself a heart attack worrying about it. I have LP in my mouth because I smoked like a chimney. So does my dentist and he lives an extremely healthy lifestyle. LP is a fickle condition and comes and goes as it pleases. Lots of people have it.


Now, I can't remember if you've had a blood test for herpes. If you haven't had an HSV1 and HSV2 test, now would be a good time to go for it. Granted, it can take up to 6 months for antibodies to show, but you're at the 12 week doorstep and that's a fairly accurate time for the test to be accurate.


I'm also going to tell you what everyone who knows me has told me for years: GET OFF GOOGLE! Especially if you are prone to anxiety, hypochondria, or watching Justin Bieber videos. Google is evil. For example, I can Google "HIV rash" right now and pull up 300,000 images of what people claim is an "HIV rash." Many of them will be on some site with an MD by the name of the person posting it. Most of them are wrong. What's the problem? Well, I can go through those 300,000 photos and I guarantee you I can find at least 10,000 that I can match to some point on my body at any given time of my life. I can walk down the street right now and find 1,000 people that have HIV just by looking at them. Statistically, I might be right twice. Vegas offers better odds, so don't do it.


Our bodies are fickle. Our bodies systems are connected. Symptoms from one illness to another can be very similar or even identical. One thing can trigger another like a pinball machine, but that doesn't mean you can connect it easily to this illness, that malady, this problem, etc.


Your misery is not a mystery and you're not cursed. Your misery is being caused your hatred of your ex, your Googling of symptoms, and your insistence on stressing yourself out over finding out what's wrong without looking at the problems logically. All of those things can manifest themselves in physical maladies. Your hormones are going wild, this is throwing your immune system out of whack, and you've got to break the cycle.


Concerned about HIV, herpes, etc.? Skin examination isn't going to confirm it....blood tests will. Concerned about LS/LP...biopsy. Do those things. In the interim, go for a walk. Watch a movie. Hang out with friends. Enjoy life. I will give you 99.9% odds the symptoms will start to go away on their own.



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First start by taking a deep breath, as Herry said.


Second get off the internet. I am bad about this myself. I will google something simple and turn it into something serious. Headache lasting over 24 hours? Brain tumor. My legs going to sleep faster than what seems like average? MS. I will spin myself so out of control that I suddenly only have 6 months to live. So I've been there. I researched everything I could about this disease when I was first diagnosed. Crying the entire time. I was never going to have children. I was never going to be loved. I was never going to have sex again.


Take a blood test as Herry said. That can confirm it. Start taking anti virals if that is the route you want to go. Start taking care of yourself and look to the future. While things look bad now, they could be so much worse. That's what I tell myself when I'm upset over my diagnoses and I have had it since I was 19.


I know you are angry, we all are. We all felt lied to and betrayed. I invite you to read my story, I was just starting life when an older man didn't tell me he was H+. Unlike your ex, who is apologizing (which after you read a few stories you'll realize is rare!), my ex fling blamed me. He ignored me. He didn't tell me that I was so special he didn't want to ruin it (NOT saying that's a reason to not disclose) instead I got tossed aside to deal with this huge life change alone. I felt dirty and ashamed. What had I done?


I didn't let go of my anger, much like you right now. Instead I ignored it. I still slept around (after disclosing, unless I had been drinking and then I don't know if I did or not). I was full of self hatred and disappointment. Nothing anyone said to me about my H+ status could compare to the awful things I said to myself. I'm guessing this is how your ex feels. Maybe one day you'll be able to forgive him. By not being careful and loving myself despite this new condition, I put myself in danger again. Luckily instead of getting HIV or AIDS, I got another STD that can be taken care of with a shot. Instead of being pissed at myself again and spiraling more into the shame arena, I realized that this was all the wake up call I needed. So I'm listening to what the universe is trying to tell me.


We are all hear to listen to you. We want you to come to the place of peace we are trying to get to. So breath and take things as they come. In the end, everything will work out.

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Omg, I dont know whether to laugh,cry,etc while reading your response. i have blood work; hormones, cbc, metabolic are in normal range. in fact i done so much blood work recently, im surprised i have any blood left... lol

I actually dont hate my ex. its sad he is what and who he is. Im definetly angry, and upset over what he did. Putting aside the dispicable thing(s) he has done to me, in a twisted way he has also done some goods things. Granted his motives for doing those nice might not have been right, but he still did some nice things; still does even now.

My results on HSV 1 and 2, well that depends on the doctor and intrepretation. understand that nothing about my symptoms from the start tp know really behave like HSV. From the begining which happened to be about 6ish days after my ex decided to have sex with me is when it started. My kitty became extremely red and irritated on both sides, no pain , no icthing.then 2 days later 2 little red bumps on left side; no pain, nothing from bumps. From my understand to get an accurate culture swap the it needs to be with 24 to 72 hrs of the appearance of bumps. becsause of a hiking school field trip, it was almost a week and half after the bumps appear before i got to my ob for swap.

a week later he calls me with results and orders blood tests. he says positive for HSV. he was shock because after examing me,he didnt see anything to indicate HSV. I do the blood work, Img and Igg.

Img: 1.09 for HSV 2. Igg: + for HSV 2. keep in mind it hasnt quite been a month from the time of sex to when the blood work was done. After he examed, the bumps spread all over my poor kitty by the morning and became more red, more inflamed. Over the last month or so i have been/has still experiencing the redness, irriation, swelling and a discharge. a troubling new sypmtoms; the red bumpds as they hea would turn whitish/grey and mesh together. and parts of my kitty like the vaginal opening and above the clit turned whitish/grey. no itching , no , pain from bumps, some general discomfort. everytime, I have any kind frition etc the redness, irriatation, and sometimes bumps will flare up. only at the very begining of flare up will i have slight burn from urination. so i made an appt. with ob, 2 weeks ago and he says maybe yeast then maybe allgeric reaction. Keep in my i already stop taking any kind meds, supplements, herbals, and soaps new to my body already for a month. i take the meds for yeast, slight improvement but not really. of course i voiced my cocnern that this could be something else.

which leads me to new ob, he spend an hr plus listening to me, my history, examines me,and then talks with me. he firmly believes its lichen sclerosis. he visually saw things that led him to believe that.No visual sugn of H type stuff. This ob/gyn has been a doctor for 35yrsplus

he if iffy on my hsv bloodwork in part because of how early after having sex, knowing i had tested a solid negative in the summer time. He asked me if i had ever had chicken pox. (im thinking thats odd to ask0 I said yes; 3 times. 1st. very mild, 2nd and 3rd were extreme, hospital stay on 3rd episode. He says ok, your Igm level is a low positive. this test can cross react with chicken pox antibodies if a person has it severe and/or mutliple times. Based on this, i understand why 1 doc said no i dont have hsv 2 and another said exposed but not infected. U should know that my ob got a call from the lab a month after my culture swap and said there is

a possibilty that there was an error with my swap culture. When my doc asked what they thought the error was from, the lab wouldnt elaborate. Btw, my ob had never heard of LP and LS; had to look it up which it explains his buffled look after he examined me 2 weeks " maybe yeast, maybe allergic reaction" He recommends a dermatologist.

Take my ex out of the picture for a minute, Yes, im frustrated more at the doctors. maybe my ob the most, (although i adore him) for not truly listening to me when i tell them something isnt right, i think they are wrong. Noone knows my body better than me. I have been getting to know my kiity for many, many years.Same as with the pcos and adenmyosis. if your an ob and your patient says, i have untreated pcos, U NEED TO ADDRESS THAT. If at least 1 doc addressed that since my diagnosis in 1998, my life would be different, maybe even had have kids.

Yes, there are treatments for LS and LP, no, no cure. Even with treatment , they can reoccur, go away, and/or progressively get worse.Im not a hypocon.. i hate taking meds. going hospitals, docs, etc. Like i said what im experiencing with the pcos, adenmyosis, my kitty issue, andjust getting over a viral lung infection too, are out of control.because my doctors dont listen; too complacent and stuck in routines.

Herpes does not do on the genitals what i have and am experiencing. All I want is answers, real answers, plan, treatment, and get back to a normal healthy state. Btw the way, i did take acycloir for a 2 weeks after cutre . It made me feel worse and thats the only time i felt H like symptoms like tingling, feverish, flu like. the minute i stopped acyclvir, those went away

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Bookworm 21,

Thansk for your words of encouragement. I take good care of myself , i dont have a bad diet, exercise when i feel good. in fact, before all things stuff i was running 30 miles a week and worked out 4 to 6 times a week. I cut out alot of sugary things out of my diet but now had add it back since i have been experiencing bouts of severe and deadly hypoglycemia ( nomral levels are 70 to 100. mine would drop to the 30's.)

Forgiving him is something i w8ll never be able to do. there are jsut somethings that are unforgiveable. To knowingly expose, and possible infect or not infect and tak away a persons chance of living a normal life is disgraceful. This is one of them. his betrayal is the ultimate.. He is a sociopath, naracissitc, and passive/aggressive person.

I just want clear definite answers so i can move forward, put what i can rest, and hope to rebuild whats left of me that he took from me.

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