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Can't sleep because I'm really worried :( (not 100% herpes related)

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So as I said in a previous post, I have pelvic inflammatory disorder due to untreated Chlymida (awesome -.- ). I have herpes on top of that and am starting to feel the little tingles that tell me an OB is on it's way.


I didn't know I had another STD until it involved into PID. Which as it turns out is VERY dangerous for women. So I went to the hospital in the middle of November. I thought I was having signs of an early miscarriage or something, but they said I didn't test positive so it wasn't that. Because I didn't test positive for pregnancy the doctor decided AGAINST a pelvic exam, after he already ordered. He passed the work to someone else and ordered for my appendix to be checked. It wasn't that. Then he wanted an ultrasound to see if it was an ovarian cyst. Well there were absolutely no signs of that either, but instead of doing a pelvic exam (you'd think he would want to check the source of the pain) he just said I may have had a tiny cyst that burst and sent me home. I didn't know better. I just went home and took the meds they gave.


Well fast forward to after Christmas. I went to another hospital for the same problems, they were worse this time. In between the hospital visits I had relations with someone. They were painful and I just chalked it up to my body being weird after the "cyst" This doctor was decent, he at least did his job. He gave me the pelvic exam that I should have had a month and a half before. He IMMEDIATELY noticed what was wrong and treated me for the infection. He wasn't clear on everything, so I went to another hospital the next day because I was still in pain. That doctor was wonderful. He explained everything to me and really made sure that I got what I needed. The problem with PID is that sometimes you need stronger antibiotics. So now I'm in pain again and worried. Each minute that passes, my fertility is in danger. I've been living with this for at LEAST 3 months. Probably longer. Kids are one of my biggest dreams.


So I'm reaching out for support and positive thinking where I cannot think positive. I'm also asking for advice. I've decided to contact a lawyer about the first doctors negligence. I don't know where to start there though! Do I even have enough of a case? He ordered the pelvic (I have written proof) but never preformed it. He took my future in his hands because he didn't want to do something, "it was a waste of time" according to him. I'm trying to be positive but I just can't right now. I need a little help.

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Awwww bookworm21.... (((HUGS)))


None of us here would know if you have enough for a case. I would google something like "doctor negligence lawyer" and see what comes up, call at LEAST 2 of them (your lesson from this is ALWAYS get a second opinion if you have any doubt about anything!) Right now I'm guessing they won't know your fertility status and that may be what will be needed to make a case... OR you may be able to have a case that stipulates that any future fertility treatment would be covered by him ... but I'm guessing they will want to see if it actually DID cause any long term damage before they make a case.


You can't do anything until Monday anyway but use this time to research the lawyers, the issue (PID), and to take care of YOU.


To be honest, I've learned that most things work out alright in life and wasting time worrying doesn't change anything. So do what you can... get proactive around this thing...(that can at least help you focus on something) and then start making calls on Monday.



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