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My herpes symptoms...What is this???

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Hey Everyone!


This is a wonderful support site for herpes. I joined a year a go but hadn't posted in awhile. I was found positive for HSV-1 a little over a year ago and after some mild herpes outbreaks, I dismissed it all together. I just figured there's nothing too bad about the occasional cold sore but over the last 8 months I've been experiencing some very odd symptoms and I can't tell if they are related to herpes. I should start out by saying that my herpes has now spread to my genitals, what a bummer. As far as my symptoms go, I have never gotten multiple painful sores that most people describe, mine are more like small pimples and only one or two and they don't hurt at all. What I am dealing with is this hot, tingly, burning feeling. I have this symptom on my face with some redness and my skin on my face has become really oily too. My face itches, it's really oily and it almost feels like a sunburn. I've also noticed random patches of dry skin showing up on my neck, chest and my penis. On top of that I get these intense pains in my ear and down my neck. They almost feel like electric shocks. All of these I've been dealing with that for around a year, non-stop. Also, the inside of my mouth on the right side feels awful, like there are sores there, although there's nothing visible. The inside of my penis aches too. That one is hard to describe. Is anyone dealing with any of this. I took Valacyclovir for a week and it did nothing.


Thanks for reading and any thoughts you have.

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Great to meet you. Yes, this place is amazing isn't it :)


First, we are not doctors (we have one doctor-in-training who may chime in here...) but I would say get to a doctor ASAP. Sounds like either an excema or psoriasis issue....maybe even shingles. There are so many things it *could* be but I doubt very, very much that it's the HSV1.


Good luck and let us know what the Dr says...



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Hey Mikey,


Well, no two of us are the same, and part of the problem with herpes is that it presents itself in different ways for all of us. Some get blisters, some get bumps, some get a little rash, while others get a random combination or nothing at all. That's one of the reasons that doctors have such a tough time making a visual confirmation. It took me 3 visits before something finally presented itself where my doctor could say "Oh, Geez, you were right!" But, what you're describing sounds like 1 part herpes, 10 parts something else. However, I'm not so sure your herper has found his way to your Mr. Happy. Sounds to me like you might have foliculitis going on down there because that causes small pimples that don't hurt, blister, or burn.


Not a doctor, but anecdotally I can suggest the following...


I get the hot tingly, electric shock feeling, too. That's usually the prodome letting you know what's going on. Mine come all over the body, and rarely, rarely, where the outbreak is going to make an appearance.


Given the length of time that you've been dealing with the aching pain, I'd say that's more likely something like prostatis (usually caused by bacteria) or a pinched nerve. It's definitely not herpes related because it wouldn't linger that long. Ask a urologist to do an inspection of the plumbing for you. If your testicles are red, I'd ask him what he thinks. You didn't mention if you'd had a full STD workup, and if you haven't, I'd recommend it because Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can cause the winky to ache from within, with or without any type of discharge or other symptoms.


The issue on your skin/face/neck sounds like Seborrheic Dermatitis from your description. Confirm that with a dermatologist, but it's a common skin condition that weather, stress, hormones, and other medical conditions can bring out. It happens to me and has nothing to do with herpes; it's common in wintertime, feels like a sunburn, causes flaky, oily, skin. If you don't want to go see a dermatologist, get some Head and Shoulders or another shampoo with salicylic acid in it and start using that. If it is, it'll clear up. If it doesn't, go see a dermatologist.


Whatever you do, get a full workup and blood tests. Might tell you if there's an underlying condition/imbalance that needs to be addressed. Then remember to stay off Google. Google is one step above the witch doctor and you'll just stress yourself out trying to figure out what's going on.





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