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Is there a secret Facebook group to meet other people who have herpes?

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Not long ago there was a group that was created as an experiment. Tens of thousands of people visited the group/page every week, and less than 150 signed up/liked the page. Page is still open under "Genital Herpes."


1) It's hard to get people to talk about this condition. Even though it's more common than diabetes or heart disease, it's got a stigma attached because of how we got it. Which means...

2) Herpes now has the stigma having HIV or being gay did in the 80's. It will change, but the way FB goes these days, very few people want to take that risk of being outed right now and having that put out there to potentially millions of people. It's sad but true. The irony is that if that happened, it's likely the backlash from the 60 million + HSV2 positive community in the US would bring the stigma out of the shadows.

3) When people do want to talk, they prefer being anonymous right now. Honestly, forums like this make that possible. That anonymous persona allows for open, true, genuine conversation without having to say "Hi, My name's Bob Jones, I live at 123 Mockingbird Lane, I like dogs, taking pictures of what I eat for dinner, went to Disney with my family, and oh yeah, I have blisters on my penis."


It also allows me to say things like "Victoria is the hottest babe on H Opportunity forum!" without having to worry about her boyfriend finding me and kicking my butt all the way to Toledo. ;) Hi Victoria! Just checking to see if you're reading the boards sweetie! :)


There are some local meetup groups around the country, in virtually every large community. They meet in secret, but do it openly. Where I'm from there is a group, they screen very carefully, and they meet at local bars, clubs, restaurants, theaters, museums, you name it and they always do it under an assumed group name that has nothing to do with herpes. You might want to do a Google search, and if that turns up nothing, contact the local STD clinic or Planned Parenthood. These groups are a great way to meet people in person, pick up some coping skills, and most importantly, feel normal. I haven't been yet, but I have heard that the herpsie derpsies rarely come up in conversation, and hey, we all need to take a night or two off from thinking about it.



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Hey Vegasborn!


There's also a list of local in-person support groups here:



If you search Genital Herpes you will get a closed group on FB (makes me laugh - you can see who is in it even tho you can't see the posts.... ) .. not a lot of members and I have not joined so I don't know if they are legit or if they are bashing Herpes.


Personally I think that this is the best place to meet and talk to people with Herpes. But I'm a little biased nowadays ;)

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