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Herpes Dating Sites

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Hey Folks,


Can anyone recommend a dating site for us positive peeps? It's not my only route and I date outside of that of course but I think it would actually be nice to find someone who shares the same battle. Who understands. Anyway, I tried Possitive Singles last year and actually went on one date but I hated the way the site worked. I look forward to hearing our thoughts.

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First, I hear you and I am on PS - did actually meet a really nice guy but he's just not in a hurry to date ... although his son got him to call me a few weeks ago and it trying to get him to get out and start dating again...LOL


But do remember that if you look at the numbers, perhaps 3-4% of the dating population will be on those sites ... so you really won't be increasing your "dating pool" by much... but I'm also a believer that the bigger the net, the better chance of catching a fish ;)


Adrial did a great blog about this you may want to read:




So here are some sites you may wanna check out


Herpes People Meet


STD Friends




There are others... in the end you have to figure out if the "investment" of the membership fees are worth the increase in the percentage of the number of potential partners..... these sites can get VERY expensive!


Now, here is what *I* did to deal with this. As you may know, I came out completely on FB a few months back. And BTW, I had a TOTALLY positive experience around that. One of the reasons I came out was so I could just discuss and educate around Herpes and not worry about who "knew". I got tired of feeling like I was living in a closet.


After a few weeks I realized if I was going to be 100% committed to this I had to be honest on my profiles on OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. So I did it... on OKC there is a place where you reveal something "private" about yourself. SO I put it there. And you know what? I got a bunch of responses in that first week ... from both H+ and H- guys. The H- guys said they really appreciated my openness and wanted to get to know me anyway!!!!!


So my point is, perhaps there are some other ways to approach this too... yes - H Dating sites are one option. But perhaps trusting the universe to bring you the person who is meant for you... and finding ways to be open that are comfortable for you, might be something else worth looking at :)



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I just realized you have the Oral HSV1... so why do you want to go on a STD site???


My friend, you are WAAAY over thinking your situation. Yes - make sure that you reveal if you are getting sexual.... that goes without question. But OKC and POF will be FULL of people who get cold sores :)


So try this on: maybe try to bring up the "Cold Sore" conversation early into your conversations with someone (Perhaps you could say something like "Gosh - I just got over a cold sore last week and I'd love to kiss you but I don't want to pass that to you".) You may find that the person already gets them and you've had "the talk" in a totally painless way! Or if they comment that they have never had them, then you can ask them if they know that they never had them ...and educate them that 80% of the population has them by the time they are a young adult. You can even mention that they would know if they had been tested for Herpes in their normal testing but most people are not tested and don't know it. IE: You could be an educator in a really non-threatening way...spread the truth about "Cold Sores" and maybe meet your life partner because of that open/honest conversation ;)


Just a thought my friend :)

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