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A couple herpes triggers I'm wondering about.

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Okay, so it seems to vary a lot person to person as to what triggers an outbreak...and having just got over my very first one, I have two things I'm wondering about. In the genitals. lol.


#1. Shaving. I have a bad/good/OCD habit of shaving every day. Every single day. Does that make it more likely to have an outbreak?


#2. Sex. Does having sex frequently make an outbreak more likely to happen?


I have no idea if I've even seen talk of these things come up so maybe I'm way off here, but I just feel like I have to be extra gentle down there or something. lol. Like I suddenly have this fragile, delicate flower. Do I?! Or can I just go about business as usual?


In other news, the boyfriend gets his blood test done on Wednesday to find out his status, and if it comes back that it's positive, is there another kind of test to see WHERE he carries it, orally or genitally? Can't remember if I've seen that answered before. :)

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Shaving has come up a few times. I have heard some people say that shaving can trigger an outbreak.. I know that I didn't get my first OB until after I shaved. That is why I just thought it was razor burn.. I have also heard from some people that it does not cause OB's.. It all depends on the person. I don't know if you know this though, but I decided because my boyfriend and I read an article from this DR... (( I forgot his name.)) Talking about how pubic hair is to prevent the spread from STD's, because sometimes we don't know if we are having an OB.. Some people don't get symptons, or shedding. It keeps it that much less closer to exact skin to skin contact. I decided instead of shaving I am going to trim.. But for me they do cause outbreaks..


I am not sure about the sex one, but I am thinking that a lot of sex could, because of the moisture. The moisture can sometimes irritate and cause an OB.. I am not sure so take what I just said about sex for a grain of salt.

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Everyone's triggers are different and they can change over time. That's one of the most annoying things about this virus.


So, Does shaving trigger it? It can. I wouldn't say it makes it more likely.


Does doing the hokey pokey trigger it? It can. Use plenty of lube, and it probably won't. Some people say that hard, rough, and fast can trigger it, so you might want to slow it down a bit as you get back into the swing of things.


Does conducting a scrimmage in anticipation of the hokey pokey trigger it? It can. Again, lots of lube, go slow, see what happens.


Bottom line: You'll have to discover your triggers for yourself because we're all different. Women are like a complex computer panel with dials, knobs, switches, and buttons galore. Think of your H as just one more button. Adjust the settings on the computer, figure out where that button is, and then put tape over it when you discover it so no one ever pushes it.


Good to hear your boyfriend is testing. Unfortunately, unless you do a swab test of blisters, there's no real way to tell where the virus is hanging out as a blood test won't do that.

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Gotcha! Thanks for the info.


I've dealt with eczema and sensitive skin and irritation for a long time, and I've gotten all the products and balances I'm okay with there FINALLY over the past few years. Just hoping I don't have to do too much re-configuration for this. :\ And I just CAN'T stop shaving. lol. :P


I'm sure it's more possible overanalyzing it will cause it for me, stupid anxiety.


I'm eagerly awaiting to see what his results are. Just because...one less piece of mystery to this situation, I guess.


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