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Flocking together like a bunch of wounded Angels - A Message to the Newbies

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It's funny how life brings people together at random moments and over random events. Whether the diagnosis is given in Baltimore or Boston, Winnipeg or Warsaw, people from all over the world are flocking to this forum in search of guidance and support in their moments of crisis. There's a reason for that. It's because this forum is a magnet for Angels. Angels like you and I whose wings have been clipped but whose spirits have not been broken.


Like a beacon in the dark night and uncertain waters we've found ourselves thrust into from the stability and comfort of our pre-diagnosis selves, this forum that Adrial has created stands out as a safe haven where nothing is off-limits from discussion and all are welcome. It's a place where questions can be asked without fear, and honest answers can be received without judgement. It's a place where random strangers who share a virally enhanced bond can begin to heal the physical and emotional wounds that herpes can cause.


Perhaps this is your first visit here, perhaps it's your 100th. Either way, you're reading through this forum for a reason. You're here because in some way you've been affected by this virus. You may have herpes. You may be concerned that you have herpes. You may have been asymptomatic and passed this li'l bug to someone you cared about.


Whatever the reason, you've found a reliable, solid, and trustworthy shelter in the storm where all you will find is friendship and support. It's full of some amazing people going through the same things you are; and all of us are at different stages of the journey. I promise you this, if you reach out your hand and share whatever you are going through, someone will reach out to you and help lift you up and guide you where you want to go. Perhaps it will be a long-term veteran, or perhaps it will be someone who received their diagnosis on the same day you did. Either way, you'll find that you are far from alone and that there are plenty of real life Angels here ready to take you under their wings to help protect you and heal you.


I've been participating in the forum for about a month. I joined the day I received the news. In that time I've made some amazing and genuine friends. Too many to list. There's the Dancer who sets me straight, the Dr. to be who keeps me grounded, the mommy who keeps me truckin', the nanny who loves to read, the free spirit whose youth is inspiring, and most recently the guy who has convinced me I need to get my rather large butt back in the gym. At times I've lifted them up and carried them when they stumbled, and in return, they've carried me when my feet have slipped as the ground shifted. Indeed, they've carried me a lot this past week as my own fears and concerns unexpectedly bubbled to the surface.


Had it not been for herpes, I don't know if I ever would have met these amazing people. Had it not been for this forum, I know I never would have.


As you read this wondering whether or not you should reach out, or put your own post up, well, the answer is that yes you should. That's because all of our stories and all of our experiences form a mosaic that is life with herpes. Within that mosaic is a piece of information that someone else is looking for and that you hold the key to answering for them. Whether it's a fear, concern, a safety tip, uplifting story, or treatment suggestion, thousands of people can benefit from what you have to share. By adding your story, your questions, and your knowledge to the discussion, you're helping to enhance the picture and make things a little bit clearer for us all. Most importantly, by reaching out and participating you'll begin healing your own wings so that when the time is right, you can take someone under them and help them heal. By doing so, you'll be perpetuating a cycle that 540 million people around the world will benefit from.


And, that cycle starts right here with this forum full of real life Angels that you are now a part of.

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Thank you for this Herry, and it was beautifully said! I know that you have been one of the angles who has empowered me and has made me feel wonderful even when i feel dog ugly because of this virus. Thank you for always having the right words, right joke, or the right song to change our attitude and keep us with our heads held high with a smile. @bookworm21 is right we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

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I am always amazed (I shouldn't be), at the power of words. I didn't realize how much my heart needed to hear those words @herry. Thank you. I am grateful for this place, in awe that you found it only a month after you were diagnosed (I am glad I found it, even if it took awhile). I've lived with this and all it's shame for way too long (23 years, a lost child, a marriage who's main reason of exisitance was b/c of this thing, then lived through the divorce 15 years later). It's been 8 years I've been on my own and tonight reading those words...they hit something deep inside again...that place of wanting such loving support as found in this forum. Thanks.

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