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Valtrex Question

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I am on suppressive therapy. Valtrex 500mg once daily. I have noticed that I am super tired all the time. Does anyone else feel super tired on daily suppressive therapy Valtrex?


Also, I have noticed, if I don't get enough sleep and drink (like last night) the next morning I wake up and my hands shake for about an hour. Anyone else? I had about 3 margaritas last night. So not a huge amount of alcohol.


Reason I ask, is before H and medication, never had any issues with going out and staying out late and drinking and not getting enough sleep. Now, I wake up and my hands shake and I feel super weak.

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Valtrex can affect the central nervous system and the kidneys. That could be manifesting itself via the shaking and the exhaustion you are feeling. 3 margaritas, stress, and lack of sleep can also do that.


I'd talk to your doctor about it. Also, you have HSV1 and are not in a relationship. Personally, if it were me I wouldn't even bother with suppressive therapy unless you were having unbearable and frequent OB's. Keep the pills if you need them, but let your body get it under control naturally and I think your long-term outlook is that you'll never see another OB again. I have HSV1 orally and haven't had a cold sore since early High School 20 years ago.

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Thank you for posting. I have read it can make you weak, etc. etc. etc. I just wondered if it was that way for anyone else. I mean I don't go out much anymore during the week. I just try to do everything I can to keep my body healthy, besides my drinking and smoking. Don't blast me, I will quit.


On the medication thing, my pills are my safety net. My security. The pills provide me with a weird "comfort" because I feel like I am doing everything I can to prevent break outs. If that makes any sense. My doctor wanted me to try this first year without pills...but I told him no. He understood. @herry, to be honest, I don't think I can handle another outbreak emotionally right now. Another reason I take medicine. I want to heal before I get another outbreak so that I am not completely devastated and go back to feeling like the week I was diagnosed. I am terrified of the next one. I worry about the next one all the time, but as each month goes along outbreak free, I worry less and less.

My body handled the initial really well, I think. It was over and done in a week and when I got to the doctor 3 days after my first bump he told me the bumps I had at that time were already healing. He also told me since I was starting the valtrex so quickly that that helps the chance of recurrences for my type to go way down since its HSV1. I pray to God I never have another one. I just hope I am that lucky Herry. I would feel like a bone got thrown my way if I never did again.


Well, the way I see it. HSV1... I know I can still give it to someone if they already get cold sores on their face, BUT I have read many articles that say it is harder to get it in two places if you have it already. So that is one of the lines I plan to use when I disclose. "hey, if you already get cold sores on your face, it is going to be really hard to get this down there from me because your body already has antibodies to protect you from getting it down there too. Still possible, but highly unlikely."

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Hey, I'm a writer. I drink like a fish and smoke so much the EPA sends me warning letters and invites me to participate in their carbon offset programs. Don't sweat it.


Yeah, I understand the safety net and emotional shield (see above). It's a lot to deal with emotionally and you want to take steps to protect yourself. I get that 110%. I honestly don't think you'd have another outbreak. In fact, your mind is an amazing weapon against this virus, and so is your immune system. Trust the Force. Trust the Force, Luke. Like I said, i have HSV1 Orally and haven't had a cold sore in 20 years, never took a single pill for it.


Remember, fear is a powerful force. It can wreak havoc in your body. Bury your fears by ignoring them and you'll discover just how powerful joy and courage are. They'll change your life.


As far as the possibility of giving someone with HSV1 another site infection, it's not going to happen. The only exception to that is if their infection was recent within the past few months and they didn't have the antibodies built up, and even then it's very unlikely.


And, to conclude, a little Jack Handy 'cause gosh darnit you're smart, beautiful, kind, and people like you. Tell yourself that every day as you get ready to head out into the world and pretty soon you won't need the safety nets, your fears will subside, and HSV1 is going to rest quietly in your trunk as you speed through life.


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Thanks @herry. Always the motivator and making me laugh my ass. So for hypothetical purposes. Say I start dating a man. He is totally H-. I disclose. And say he agrees to go down on me, get HSV1 orally. We wait until he builds antibodies to have sexual relations, then have sex after some time. Would he be protected genitally? I'm not saying any guy would do this, just as a thought for my husband... If that happens. I just rather a man have it orally than down there because of me. If that makes sense.

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My pleasure. Hypothetically, assuming you can find a man who likes having sex, and we all know those are hard to come by, here's what you should know:


If he's H-, yes, disclose. Remember to include in that disclosure that HSV1 Genitally (and HSV2 Orally for anyone reading this) shed far less in their non-traditional places. This means the risk of your beau acquiring HSV1 orally by tickling the kitty with the tongue or poking at it with the trouser thumper is very low. I've seen some estimates that these can shed as infrequently as 1% of the time when their locations are reversed.


So, as far as protection? It's your call. If he's H-, try dental dams for the oral action. I've seen some adopt strategies similar to what you're suggesting. I've also seen some thinking, well, let's get it in the non-traditional place, let the antibodies build up being extra safe in the interim, then neither of us will really have to worry about it ever again. But, the statistical likelihood is that you'll end up marrying some guy named Peter Longtongue who already has it orally and you'll live a very happy and long life never having to worry about it.


Oh, and if you do find a man who enjoys having sex, please post a note to this forum so all the ladies can read it. They're always complaining that they can't find men who like to dance between the sheets and I'm all out of suggestions as to where they can find them.


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I haven't had any over tired or shaky moments over the past year those I have had the worst acne on my face since I started taking valtrex :( and I talked with my gyn and she said it would be a good idea to be on suppressive therapy for a year relationship or not...this is the poop thing about herpes is that every person is different and reacts differently and there's no set norm between doctors for treatment and such aside from all the time or only during an OB :/ frustrating man

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Yeah, see mine said well why don't we try this first year out. See how you do and if it's necessary when you come back for a yearly we will discuss it. I said uh no. No. No. No. I want medicine. It's my body. And if medicine helps my body fight it, I'm all for it. It's one pill a day. I know I took it if I took my birth control. I take them at the same time. That's how I make sure I don't miss it. Everyone is different and it's so crazy. Body chemistry has a lot to do with it. Praying mine is strong as an ox and keeps this at bay.


And @herry I will post the next time I find a man willing to put his penis in my virus infected vagina. It may be a long time. Like the guy who have it to me said, "get to know a man a year like the old days and he won't care." Yes because I want to wait that long to have sex, tell him after loving someone for a year and they may walk away, and waste a year of my life on someone who would probably walk away after telling them, and it's 2014, it's not the "old days" anymore, people don't date for a freaking year before having sex anymore. F'ing idiot. Note my sarcasm. What an answer to my freaking problem. Arrogant asshole, taking my youth away while he is still capable of doing whatever he wants. I could scream. (I hate him, if you can't tell).

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Uh - can I remind you my dear of a gentleman who was was ok with that that you posted about awhile back?





Sure - it wasn't love...but he was honest with you and he still wanted you. So imagine that guy but he actually loves you too..


*Though love alert my friend!*


As Adrial says: Change your language, and things will change. Bemoaning your "infected vagina" , or saying he "took your youth away while he is still capable of doing whatever he wants" just feeds your beliefs (which were already there) that you are unlovable. Now you just have a "reason" to blame for everything that goes wrong in your love life. Can you see you are coming from a place of being a victim?


Honey, I can tell you, a REAL man looooves a confident woman who doesn't allow life to knock her down. One who says... I have been broken, I am scarred, but dammit, I'm still standing and if you want to join me as an EQUAL, lets go!"


What happened to the WOMAN who changed her name because she finally saw she IS still lovable, STILL sexy, STILL an AMAZING person? Go out and grab her ass and drag her back...cause she was HOT.... and she just needs to take that confidence out into the world and the right guy WILL come along. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but when she is READY. Right now you are not ready for love my friend. Right now you will attract the wrong kind of guy. Keep working on YOU right now, and that starts with changing your languaging around our little viral friend.


Love you my friend... (((HUGS)))



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Everything Dancer said and more. I swear she and I have this weird mind meld thing going on.


What a jerk. It's guys like that who I wish would get their wee willy winky's caught in their zippers. Reminds me of the 21 year old gal who gave me HSV2 who said it was "my fault." It's enough to make you hide in the bathroom and cry for hours on end, isn't it?


Whatever you do, don't reach for the scissors to go cut his balls off, because I can tell you right now that any guy who doesn't respect a woman and her feelings doesn't have balls big enough to cut off in the first place.


You shouldn't get too down about your vajajay. Did you know that at any given moment there are over 20 species of bacteria that live inside there? All of which can be transferred and shared. I learned that the first time I got a yeast infection. Boy, was that fun but it never stopped me from wanting to go back. So, you've got 20 + a harmless little virus that you will most likely never, ever see again. Big deal.


As an "old guy" let me tell you that what Dancer said about guys is spot on. Real men don't care what you look like on the outside, and they don't care about the baggage you carry or the wounds that you have on your skin. A real man looks inside a woman and falls in love with what he finds there. Her confidence, her caring, her compassion, her dreams, interests, goals, values, etc. are what really sets a man's eyes alight. Like I always say, the boobs, butts, and beauty may get the motor started, but they don't keep it going for very long.


You need to put this dud in the rearview mirror and I'm going to yield the soapbox to Mrs. Gloria Gaynor who's got some words of wisdom that you need to memorize and take to heart.





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I know... I'm being negative and down etc. it's been an angry week for me. I mean that guy knew me and so he knew how I am. So of course he believes how it all happened and what not. But I don't think other men will believe my story... That is what scares me. I mean half the people in the world don't know that the way I got it can happen... And no one believes people when they say I didn't have sex in over a year and it was the first in three years to go down on me. I don't think a man will believe me.... When it's the honest truth. I know I need to change the way I look at this, some weeks I do, some weeks I don't and I'm angry. I definitely am not ready. I know that. Being lonely sucks though. But tonight I'm keeping my nieces and really looking forward to that. I know I need to let go of all the anger concerning how I have been treated by him. It just is hard. It's this burning fire in my stomach. Like I literally can feel my anger when I think about it. I honestly think if I ever see him again I will not be able to control my fists and they will immediately make contact with his face. That's how bitter and angry I am. I'm working on it. One day at a time. Love you @wcs sigh..... Just tired of it.

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So of course he believes how it all happened and what not. But I don't think other men will believe my story... That is what scares me.


That is soooo not true. AND, IF you approach a disclosure as a way to educate with complete confidence in yourself and your condition, you will find a man who will not only believe you, but will not care. You can always give them this site, the CDC site (You can't argue with the info there...they are the ones with all the studies and info), and the handout from here. Tell them if they don't believe you (and really, I would EXPECT any smart man to want to get educated about it once they realized they were not informed!) they should look at those sites... explain that there are a LOT of bogus and poorly informed sites out there so they are careful to not go to the Yahoo's (literally) of the Herpes info world.


A REAL man, who is really really into you will at least do his homework. He will give you the benefit of the doubt. If he chooses to walk, it isn't about you ... Herpes is just a deal breaker for him. He could learn something about you down the road that is a deal breaker and walk anyway. I was with a great guy who was H- ... he was a really nice guy - it would have been simple to stay with him. He adored me. But he had a few personality things that I just didn't want to live with for the rest of my life. But there will be a woman out there that loves him AND those quirks..... my leaving wasn't about him, it was about ME and MY willingness to be exposed to habits and beliefs that were not tolerable for me.


What kills me is how you keep coming back to this STORY (and that is all it is...) when you keep seeing so many of us with H- partners (or who had one at sometime) with EVERY kind of back-story of how we got it. None of those H- guys gives a SHIT about how we/they got it. And believe me, if you meet a guy who refuses to get educated and learn that how you got it is for real - you don't want to be with him 'cause he's gonna prove to be dumber than a box of rocks in the long run....


Cheer up my friend. Oh - and let go of that anger. Your stomach is trying to tell you something when you say you "feel" it. Unless you want another whole issue to deal with (because that anger is literally EATING at you and it WILL cause something else in the long run) you need to find a way to let it go. Shit happened and you got a friggin big-assed life lesson. Take it as that and move on. Because right now, you are letting herpes run your life. Your guy moved on... he's not hurting. He still has herpes but he isn't letting that stop his life. YOU are the one who is holding you back....NOT him, NOT herpes, it's YOU my dear and your attachment to your anger and your story.


So maybe try this. Write your story out. Every single bit of it. Every piece of anger, rage, and feeling of self-righteous unjust oh-my-gawd-I-hope-his-balls-rot-off upset. Then read and re-read it until you can let it go. And then come back here and tell me what happened. You may find that something miraculous happens. It may take a whole lotta readings or only a handful, but try it. Please. Because I want to see you move on and I've seen this work miracles.


Love you...(((HUGS)))


Ps @Herry - yeah - I hear ya! Love you too :)


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