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My "I need that herpes medicine ASAP" story


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Hi everyone! I'm new here, and just had my HSV 2 diagnosis confirmed yesterday. I want to share my 2 week long journey of finding out I have been exposed to Herpes..


So, here goes:

Last Monday morning I woke up with a horrible itchy burning feeling down in my lady love parts, my first thought was "Oh no, you've got a yeast infection".. Luckily, I had a diflucan in my medicine cabinet and decided to take it and go on about my business.. Two days later, the itchy burny feeling was worse!! Normally, diflucan works for me, so I called my doctors office and made an appointment for the next morning. As I was showering and getting ready to venture out to my appointment that morning, I felt it.. a very large bump down below.. I assumed that maybe it was just irritation from shaving and continued on my way to the appointment. Boy!! Was I wrong, my doctor takes on look at it, and asks " Do you normally get sores down here".. I freaked!! I told him no, and that I assumed it was just a little irritation!! He then looks at me sympathetically and says " This may be Herpes".. Immediately I was in tears! After calming me down, he decided it was best to take a culture of this said bump and also do a blood test. He then told me it would take 7 days before all the results came back and he would be in contact with me! I thought 7 days!! That's a helluva long time to have to wait!!... Fast Forward to two days later, several more of these bumpy blistery things had now popped up and I was very uncomfortable! At that moment, I knew in my heart that the Dr. was correct, and that I, in fact did had herpes. I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life over the past 8 days! I took the time waiting for that 7th day to arrive and educated myself! I read website after website, and even came across this website! : ) I knew so much about the virus before I was 100% positive that I had it. I could probably teach a class I've learned so much! I'm glad I had a full week to prepare myself and digest the idea of having herpes. By the time that , that dreaded phone call came yesterday, it had really sunk in that I had genital herpes and my life would never be the same. The first thing I said to my Dr once he gave me my positive results was " I know, there's more of them down there, I need that medicine ASAP!!".. He applauded my bravery and told me that I was already on the right track by already educating myself on this.. Today is my 2nd day taking Valtrex, and I can already tell that my outbreak is on its way out the door! This has been a very emotional 8 days, and I hope that some good will come out of this. : )

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First...Welcome! So glad you found us and I have to say I was inspired by your story ... because you got yourself educated and you sound like you haven't let the stigma send you into a total downward spiral. Its totally normal to cry and go through the anger and the frustration...but it breaks my heart when I see people who are spiraling into depression. You seem to have a pretty good hold on the situation at the moment.....and that is awesome.


I've had my little H-buddy for 35 years+ and for me, he's just a little nuisance thing that I deal with from time to time and who is totally misunderstood by the general public.


And yes, some good WILL come out of this. I call Herpes my little wing-man. He quickly helps me sort the guys out of my life who are not into Me, but want to GET into me. Anyone who doesn't accept his part in my life can take a hike. He's taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to be ok with ME.


(((HUGS))) ...

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@Hll87 Welcome !


I am so glad to hear your story. It seemed a lot like mine. Probably all of ours. When I got tested I was constantly looking up stories on the internet.. Looking at page after page.. Some of them scary ! But I knew inside me that I had herpes.. I just wanted it confirmed.. Even though I know. When she called me back and told me my real results, I made an appointment as soon as possible. The Medical assistant told me I didn't need any medication because it wasn't a visible outbreak, but when I talked to the doctor.. I told her I wanted to be on suppressant treatment, because I am sexually active. I was reading somewhere " The best way to not pass it is to stay abstinent." I thought to myself that was a bunch of bogus! I don't want to be abstinent. I told my doctor that I had no plan of being abstinent. Only in the first year do I want to be with my boyfriend.. (( even though he keeps hinting at me that he really doesn't want me to be abstinent.)) He is like " Well that is a risk I am willing to take, because I want to love you physically and mentally." It is amazing.


Also my mom and dad have been together for 22 years. My mom is H+ and my dad is H-.. That also helped me out a lot. I was able to go to my mom for moral support.. && my dad told me any man would be honored to have me with or without herpes !

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@wcsdancer2010 Thank you for giving me your feedback! For the moment, I am handling it pretty good! I hope that doesn't change. I figured that I had two choices, I could either give up on life or I could try to stay positive and move forward. Yesterday morning was pretty rough, this morning has been okay.. and I thank you & @victoriaxxx for that. It was very nice waking up to some very encouraging words! Its also very encouraging to hear that you've lived with this for so long and it seems that you live a normal happy life! Again, thank you for your kind and encouraging post! : )

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@victoriaxxx Thank you as well for your post! I as well have a boyfriend, we've been together almost 3 years and we live together. So far, he's handled it pretty well. He has never had any symptoms of the virus, and is going to get tested this upcoming week. I don't know what is going to happen once we get his results. Honestly, if his test comes back negative, I don't really know how that will affect our relationship.. but, i'm trying not to worry about that, and if it is not meant to be, then its not. I think its super awesome that you have someone so close to you that has also been affected by this! I personally do not know anyone that has HSV or atleast, anyone who is open about it. I hope to meet some real life people with it soon! Unfortunately, there is no local support groups that I am aware of! My mom is doing her best to be supportive, I just think she needs to be a little more educated on the issue and she'll do just fine! Anyway, thanks again for your post! It has helped lift my spirits tremendously this morning! : )

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Ohh. I agree with my family doing a little more research.. Like she asked me about toilets, and clothes, and towels.. I told my grandma that I will wash my own towels and clothes if she is worried about it..


Yes all my life my mother has been open about it.. Her story is A LOT different than mine on how we contracted it, but either way we both still got it.. I am glad that I have someone close also that has it.. But I don't really ask her questions about it. I have came out recently to a lot of people.. Because this is me, this is not something that I really want too hide.. I want to know who my true friends are and their true colors. I have had quite a few people come out to me telling me about their herpes also.. You would be suprised !

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I just opened up to one of my really good friends today.. She told me about CH.. and I told her that she should really get tested AND make sure to ask for everything including herpes, and all the others. She gave me a hug and said thanks for sharing, because I would have never known to ask for that stuff. (: I love that girl !

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thank u so much for sharing! is it bad to say u really put a smile on my face? my doctor just took my test a few days ago..today i revieved a call and in like just tell me i cant take it..and the nurse was like im just calling to schedule ur annual pap smear. hahahah! i really hope its negative but i know it probably isnt..and now i really just want some of this miracle medicine to make the scabies like itch to go away..and the sores to quit hurting.. :( but still glad u shared. lol!!

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