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One Step. One Conversation. One Person at a time...

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Tonite I was on a call with an old friend, catching up on a lot of life...we hadn't talked in forever and we had plenty to talk about. I told her about my "coming out with Herpes" story, and suddenly she stopped me and said something to the effect of "You remember that time we were at the bar and you told me about your experiences with Herpes... and how my Cold Sore was Herpes... and I got angry because I was sure it wasn't Herpes? Well, I checked it out when I got home and realized you were right. And then I was dating this guy and we were texting and he mentioned he had Herpes.... and I thought of our conversation and how you said it doesn't mean you are dirty or whatever when you have it. And I texted him back and asked to talk to him about it".


She's now been with this guy a year or two, is as happy as she can be. She has HSV1, he has HSV2 ... when one has an outbreak, the other realizes that something is stressing them and they go out of their way to do special things to help them relax and de-stress. It's a beautiful thing :)


If we hadn't had that talk, likely she would not have agreed to talk more and learn about his condition because until that time she was a mis-informed as most of the population about her "cold sores" and the reality of Genital Herpes being a nuisance skin condition that could get caught by ANYONE.


I keep saying...we have to keep educating people if we want to get rid of the stigma...


One step. One Conversation. One Person at a time......


*Smiling from ear to ear here for my friend* :D

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I still chose my confidantes carefully (I love my roommate SO much-but she cannot keep a secret to save her life, and I don't' want all her friends knowing). That being said, any time people talk about it, I chime in with my stats, and I know it helps!


My same roommate came home crying this past summer, because the guy she was dating had hsv 2. SHe figured it was over. She gets cold sores, but had no idea that it was the same virus. I explained to her how they were similar etc. etc. etc. I said if she'd ever had oral sex with anyone who had cold sores she could have gotten herpes too (how I got it-but I didn't tell her that). She decided to stick with the guy, and now they are moving in together and talking kids! I'm bummed I"m losing a great roommate, but am happy I helped her realize that it's something people can accept. The more we share, the more we help. xo

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