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how often should you take the pill?

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Hi I am new to this site. I just recently found out i have herpes 2 and my boyfriend has herpes1. My boyfriend is still in the process of getting health insurance and has been taking my valtrex but can't afford a doctor right now. Does anyone know anywhere in the NYC tristate area who can write a prescription that isn't expensive and also what medicine is better acyclovir? Any help anyone has i really appreciate. ( I heard Walmart has the cheapest prescription rate but thats in NJ)

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Acyclovir is pretty much the generic standard for Valtrex and everything else out there. That's really the only difference between them. Think of it as the black and white box of the same thing.


Very few strains of HSV1 or 2 are resistant to it. Thus, if it works for you then go with it as it's also the cheapest. If it doesn't work, you may want to consider Valacyclovir which is a little more potent, requires only one pill a day, and is known as a "prodrug;" that means it doesn't really contain medicine, but what it does is cause your body to convert it into a medicine and produce Acyclovirin within the blood. This means more of it gets into your system and isn't lost during digestion in the stomach. It's more expensive than Valtrex.


As far as prescriptions, WalMart will be your best bet for filling them regardless of where you are. I'd recommend you go in and meed with one of their pharmacy techs and have them explain the program to you right in the store. I haven't used it yet, but I know people who have and have saved a bundle.


For filling them out, you might want to stop by Planned Parenthood. They have a sliding scale for appointments, and could take a look at your blood test results and fill those out.

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You can use the prescription card below to reduce your costs...just apply and they give you a number immediately and it will take the cost down by a pretty substantial amount... ( think my Acyclovir here is $10 for a month) Call around for prices too - Wallmart is generally cheapest BUT one of my scripts recently was much cheaper at Rite-aid.





And Herry is right about PP - they are great about helping with the costs.

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