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Chances of passing herpes through oral sex?

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I am getting ready to disclose to one of my friends that i have liked for a long time. Im trying to gather all of the information and figure out the best way to explain it. Im really nervous, but i think ill be able to do it. I have read different web pages of information that are telling me different things about passing h through oral sex. Im wondering what the chances are of h spreading to my partner if i received oral sex with HSV-2 gential herpes. Thank you!

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Most of the info is in the disclosure handout but the short version is that H2 isn't crazy about moving into an Oral abode so the risk is small and if you couple that with taking supressive meds the risk would be minimal. That said, there still IS a small risk... about 1% without meds/less with them. Just don't let them go downtown if you have ANY symptom that you know is associated with your OB's. ;)






Disclosure e-book:



Ps: You can print out that disclosure handout for your friend so they have the info to look at and it backs up your info.


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It's possible. Condoms/dental dams will go a long way towards reducing the risk during oral, as will suppressive therapy and avoiding sex during prodomes or outbreaks.


There are some great materials on this site re: disclosure and all the details. Just remember to stay relaxed, stay positive, stay calm. The more calm you are, the better it will go. There's a lot of info on the web, but the things Adrial has put together here are spot on.


Also, practice with someone else first. You get one shot at this, and you'll want to get it perfect. Since you've known this person for a long time, there's no rush. Wait until you've rehearsed it and have it down perfect.

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Herry has some good advice there with practicing first though I have come to find that my friends who are closest to me and have known me a long time didn't care. They knew me to be an honest loyal person so when I disclosed they didn't care.


My first romantic disclosure was to one of my best friends of six years, I had found out about my herpes while he and I were starting to become romantically involved. I found out and the next night I have this kid kissing me senseless. Day after that I disclosed and it was awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard and depressing haha. I wrote everything down first a couple times to get in my head what to say. In tears after I got the words out he just looked at me and told me he didn't feel any differently and hugged me. Love is love and while we broke up because he's still a kid at heart and not ready for anything serious he's still one of my besties and I love him to death.


If you've done all the reading and still want to be sure take this info and go talk to a doctor...gyn or one at planned parenthood is a good idea since they are more knowledgeable about herpes and understanding to peoples need for info. They'll tell you that all your info is correct (I went to my gyn armed with facts of transmission rates and she was like "well I have nothing to teach you you're good! Go forth and fornicate!")

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This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

Helpful resources:

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