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Need help. I have herpes and I'm pregnant

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Hi everyone. I've been reading these posts for a couple days. They have been very helpful, however, I haven't seen anything about pregnancy. I'm 32 weeks pregnant. I have had coldsores for about 4 years, but never put much thought into it. I realized I have hsv 1. Might be 2 but I think Its 1. I got it from my mom. She had a coldsore and I drank out of her cup. A couple weeks later, I had a coldsore. Anyway about two weeks ago, I had a small bump near my labia. It was a little painful to touch. But I didnt think it was anything since I had shaved two days before, I thought it was a razor bump. I started thinking more however and realized I had the cold a week before, I was really sick. My boyfriend had also performed oral sex on me two weeks before the bump. He had something on his lip, but he says it's not a coldsore and that he's never had any. It's winter so, his lips tend to get very chapped and they peel. He also picks at them a lot so it makes it a lot worse to where he bleeds. He's had it over a month because he won't stop picking at it. It really just looks like a scab that he won't leave alone from chapped lips. Well I've been very paranoid that he could of transferred it down there. I had a culture test done of the bump, but I don't know if results will be accurate, because I did the culture about 5 to 6 days after I noticed I had it. I tend to get razorbumps a lot so I waited. It doesn't burn when I pee, the bump was just tender at first. Now, it doesn't hurt, but still there, though it seems to get smaller. I also had blood tests done at my obgyn, but still don't have results from either test. I thought herpes was checked during std testing but it's not, and I found out late. I'm very scared for my baby. And my insurance doesn't cover elective csection. Has anybody been pregnant with herpes? I am trying to get my boyfriend to get tested as well, he's just been low on money, and says he's never had any of that. This is so stressful please help. If I already have hsv, can he transfer it to my genitals? My last coldsore was before I got with him, which was 2 and half years ago.

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Hi Daja,


Hormones suck. Your problem is not herpes, it's being 32 weeks pregnant and your mind is going a thousand miles a minute with "what if's."


Relax. Go take a bubble bath and pick out curtains for the munchkin's room. I very, very, very strongly doubt you have HSV down below. You've had HSV1 for a long time, and even if your current boyfriend has HSV1 orally, he couldn't transfer it to your genitals now. You have an established infection, and it's just not possible to reacquire it somewhere else on your body once the infection is established. The only way that could have happened is if someone performed oral sex on you within a few months of you first acquiring HSV1, and that just doesn't sound like that's the case.


Your razor bumps are just that; they're razor bumps. Talk with your OBGYN, tell them your concerns, but I think they're going to tell you the same thing: Breathe in, breathe out, and remember to push.






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First - welcome! Glad you came on here to get answers to your questions.


Herry is right - if you already have Oral HSV1, its very very VERY unlikely that you would get it down below now because you have antibodies to that strain. Now, given that you sound like you have not been blood tested, this is a good time to get that done for your peace of mind.


If you DO come up positive for Genital Herpes, it's still not the end of the world. I had 2 babies with Herpes. The first was elective Cesarean but only because the Dr scared me into it. I found out after that odds were I didn't need it. Made me mad as hell. Found another Dr who worked with me so I was able to have a natural birth. That was 23 years ago and both my daughters are H-. Today, the standard procedure is to give the mother Acyclovir for the last month of pregnancy which keeps her from having an outbreak she can give birth naturally. IF you are having an outbreak at the time of birth, then a cesarean is no longer an "option" and your insurance should cover it. I would make sure your OBGYN knows your concern... if there is ANY doubt that you might have herpes, they should put you on Acyclovir - it won't hurt you or the baby and it would get you through the delivery and then you could concentrate of getting retested....


Regarding testing costs - get to a Planned Parenthood and tell them your story and they should do a sliding scale fee for you and your BF. Your BF *could* be carrying HSV2 and never had an outbreak, so it's a good idea to get him tested ASAP. Given your stage of pregnancy PP will understand the need to know his status so you know whether there is any cause for concern or not ... if he is negative for HSV2, then odds are very high that you just got a razor burn...but your OBGYN will be the best adviser about that probability.


(((HUGS))) - You will get through this just fine...... try to BREATHE and let your OBGYN help you through this :)

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My mother had to have a C-section due to her outbreak at the time of having me. The only reason she had to have a c-section was because she was ill with a temp of 103 and it caused an outbreak. So she couldn't have delivered vaginally. She that if she could she would have, because they were honest with her and told her that she could have a normal birth.


Go get tested and find out. Tell us about it and we will be as much of a support as possible. This won't effect your kids. I was born H-. (( I got HSV-2 a little while ago.)) Also I have a friend who is pregnant she has it also. She has never had an OB but they are still putting her on the meds at the end of the pregnancy so she can deliver normal. (: It will be okay !

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Thank you. I have been blood tested. I'm getting the results on Monday or Tuesday. I really can't wait. Did you take the medication the second time you were pregnant? How do you know when you have a out break?what are the symptoms? Is it possible to just have one bump? I'm going to see if he can get tested this week coming up. Though I called planned parenthood and they said they only test for herpes when there are symptoms or an outbreak? My obgyn said it didn't look like herpes but she took a culture of it. I'm just worried because she took the culture almost a week after I noticed it. So not sure if it would still show up or not.

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I didn't go on the Meds but that was 25 years ago ... if I was pregnant now, knowing what I do, I'd definitely go on them if I had genital HSV2.


As for Planned Parenthood, that's a crock. If you come up positive for HSV2, tell them he has been exposed repeatedly and you need to know if he has it so you can take precautions if he doesn't have it, but you don't want to live on the meds if you both have it. And to be honest, he just plain SHOULD be tested for EVERYTHING. If they won't help, try your local Social Health office. I know around here we have County funded office that does STD screening.

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If you can't get in with planned parenthood just go to your nearest hospital and ask about their std clinic hours. When I went through trying to get tested I went to my urgent care center and they handed me a paper with free clinic hours. Just call and ask they should be able to point you in the right directions :) just make sure when you go to make sure you get the point across that you want to be tested for EVERYTHING

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My boyfriend is going to get tested at health center next week. Even though he keeps changing his mind saying he doesn't need too. I think he's just embarrassed of having to go through the testing. I hope he really does because I'm so worried. I was tested for everythinh except HSV until now. Earlier in my pregnancy I was diagnosed with chlamydia. We took the antibiotics but I'm not convinced it's gone. Since I had that std I've been so worried about having any other. Has anyone had genital herpes and only had one bump? And usually how long do outbreaks last?

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Welcome to the site and congrats on your baby! :) Hang in there and take a nice deep breath. Give your baby the gift of keeping this in perspective, and do whatever you can to relax yourself.


My early outbreaks weren't my worse ones. Most of the time oBreaks start off bad and gradually get milder. Mine have been the opposite. My first one only consisted of two little blistery like bumps. They got progressively worse. I haven't had an oB for almost 2 months, but my last one in November was bad. The blisters seemed to cover me!


I'm a little older and my "baby" is a junior in high school, but I can honestly say that if I even thought I was having an oB, I'd request a c-section. I'm in nursing school now, and am floored at just how common H is! Most of the nurses I've talked with believe that c-section is the safest way to go if 1) there are any signs of an oB or 2)a patient is in the very early stages of H oBreaks when most shedding is happening.


I'm not offering medical advice, let me be very clear...I am NOT qualified to give that kind of advice. I'm simply offering my thoughts based on recent experiences.


Best Wishes to you!



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How do you know when a outbreak is happening? Everybody I need help. I just got my results for the culture test and I don't understand them. It says


Source pelvic lesion

Culture herpes see note

Culture, Herpes simplex virus, rapid method


Micro number:40066067

Test status: final

Specimen source: pelvic lesion

Specimen Quality: adequate

Hsv culture: None isolated


Is non isolated the test result? does it mean negative? This is confusing

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Didn't your doctor talk to you about the result???


Hsv culture: None isolated


Means they did not find any of the virus in the culture. Now it could just be that they didn't manage to get any on the swab (so much depends on how heavy you are shedding at the time) but you said the OBGYN didn't think it was HSV so you are probably safe. You said you were waiting on the blood tests... so that may clarify things for you..


Sooo ... what is your OBGYN saying. I'm afraid you have to take his/her advice on this. I would suggest if there is ANY doubt that you go on acyclovir anyway - it won't hurt you and it would give you the peace of mind that you were doing what you can to keep any viral shedding from happening IF you do have it...then wait 6 months after the baby is born and have another blood test if necessary.


Keep on BREATHING my friend :)

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The culture was taken at the hospital since I didn't want to wait to see my obgyn. So they just gave me the results. My blood results were taken at my obgyn, which I'm still waiting for. I'm going to talk to my doctor about the acyclovir. But he said he didn't think it was anything, so I don't know if he will want to prescribe it. Thank you I'm trying to stay calm :) hope everything is fine

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Well, if it helps, (24 yrs ago) I had my second child naturally with no acyclovir - just monitored my status down there and as I didn't have any OB's I didn't have to have the 'section...so work with your Dr. Of all the DR's yoru OBGYN should know what they are looking for and they won't risk getting sued... they think you are going to have an OB or that you could have Herpes I'm sure they will put you on the meds.

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Very few babies of H+ mothers get the virus because the Dr's will monitor you closely... they put you on antivirals for the last month and if there is any chance you are having an OB when you go into labor they will recomend a cesaerean ... but if you have had H for awhile it's usually fine... the ones most at risk are moms who get H while pregnant because they don't have any antibodies to the virus so they are more likely to have an OB with the stress of labor.

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I'm not a woman, or even a parent for that matter.. But logic tells me that if 80% of people infected with herpes are unaware of it, then 80% of pregnant women with herpes are also unaware of it (statistically speaking this would be 4 of 25). And since these women are all having babies without any special monitoring or medication, and with infant herpes being exceptionally rare, there are probably more common, more serious worries for a pregnant woman to direct her attention.

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