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Curious: Breastfeeding and herpes antibodies?

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HI all! I'm inquisitive by nature and have come up with some questions.


I'm a bit curious about breastfeeding. I understand that when you breastfeed you transfer antibodies to the baby though the milk. Does this work for herpes also? I googled my life away and found no solid answers.


Also is it possible to transfer ghsv1 to another person and it turn into ghsv2. Or would each person initially have their own herpes to begin with?


Is it normal that outbreak bumps look different each time you outbreak? For example my initial outbreak on my labia minora was small in size but today i'm experiencing 2 bump the size of a pin head literally on my labia majora. I did not even see it there I just happen to touch myself washing and felt pain. Is this normal to change size as years go on?


THANKS in advance!

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Good question about the breastfeeding. And I'll be honest I don't know but I would guess that some antibodies would transfer to the baby....why not?


And no, Ghsv1 won't turn into Ghsv2 - they are two different viruses. Not sure what you mean about each having their own herpes to begin with.


And every outbreak can be a little different depending on how well your body is fighting the virus... with luck they get smaller over time for the most part :)

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"And no, Ghsv1 won't turn into Ghsv2 - they are two different viruses. Not sure what you mean about each having their own herpes to begin with."


Well I was referring to my own situation with this question the doctor told me that I had ghsv2 but when my BF went to the doctor he was told he had ghvs1 he had no outbreak at the time just blood test. So maybe I had it and just so happen to outbreak a few days after. Which still confuses me because my numbers were low he said indicating an initial outbreak. 0_o. Yep that's my face confused lol

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Good - you need a Dr to look at both tests and help you figure out what is going on. Part of their job is to help you understand these things and some are better at that than others....its hard for us to speculate as to what happened in your situation without all the details and test results...and besides, we are not doctors so we are only guessing anyway...


I hope they can help you to come up with an answer...it certainly is perplexing :/



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Sab ... you can definitely breast feed - I did for both mine. Getting the antibodies isn't a problem... in fact, you WANT that so the baby has immunity to various bugs and viruses while they build up their own immunity to things.


The only thing I don't know is if they get the antibodies in the milk (ie, that might protect them for awhile). Thinking back on it, both mine were blood tested for Herpes at 4 months (for safety's sake) and they came up negative.... I would think if they got the antibodies it would have shown up in the test...so I'm guessing it's not something that gets passed on ...but either way, it's definitely not harmful to the baby if it does.

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