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does herpes medication work for both HSV-1 and HSV-2?

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Hi guys!! Sorry I've been m.I.a the last few weeks :( theyve have been rough. From a sick kid, to a sick dog, being sick myself, long busy days at work and a lovely neighbor bringing bugs to the whole building... ive been pretty busy.


That being said I knew the stress was going to cause an outbreak. I haven't been eating as well or exercising as often and ive been stressing, so I just knew it was coming. Sunday I decided I was going to get my shit together and stop worrying about things out of my control. Went for a 10 mile run, got my meal plan for the week and I was feeling pretty good... Well too late lol today I got that tingle. You know the one.. look in the mirror... damn it! Two cold sores. Go figure. At least its not the Australian cold sores, right ;) (yet anyway)


My question is...two actually.. could this mean I might have an ob in my lady parts soon too? Also I have my acyclovir script since I don't take it as a suppressive (I'd rather let my body learn how) and was wondering if it would help hsv1-oral? I took two ! Just incase. :)

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I think they don't particularly want people taking acyclovir for the Oral herpes - at least not on a permanent basis, because they don't see it as a big enough "illness" to medicate it... I managed to keep mine under control with the Ammonium Alum - it would knock it down pretty quickly... and every year it got less and less anyway.

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Hi Justsmile,


Yes - just using over the counter stuff and taking l-lysine - started working it hard when I wasn't even sure it was a cold sore. Never got very large at all - just the size of small pimple and never hurt either. Just refuses to go completely away. Hoping since it is my first and I have not let it get much of a foothold, future cold sores will be minor also - I can always hope. :-)


Again good luck - Ra

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@dancer- yes def worth it. I know the feeling!! All through highschool i would use rubbing alcohol. Ouch!!


@Ra- thats good that it didnt get very big! Good thing you caught it early :-)

When i got them in highschool they would be horrible!! Really big and clusters of blisters. I'd beg my mom to let me stay home from school lol They have since calmed down but they're still painful :-/ Good luck to you. I hope it goes away soon. <3

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I have the hsv2 and I decided to do suppressive therapy with the valtrex once a day. The bigggggg vibe of tingle down my right leg was my sign something was coming next.

I never noticed the prodome pimples, but noticed the sores, and baddddddddddd itching and the lesions a few between buttocks was too much for me.

I just said shit I'll take the pill everyday.


only $10 for 30 pills one a day .. Anything to avoid the outbreaks ....

My job is stressful hectic, personal life with family is too, so any lil stress. BOOM I'm hit with outbreaks. And quick.

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