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Itchy during herpes healing process?

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Hey everyone. I have HSV 1 genitally. I know a symptom of an outbreak is severe

itching, but does anyone here get itchy during the healing process? I broke out for the first

time on my perineum area and I am itching like crazy as the sores are healing! They don't

hurt anymore but I'm so uncomfortable from itchiness. Any suggestions? I only have one pill left

for my anti virals so it's been ten days. Tomorrow I start my suppressive therapy for one year.

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Scabs/wounds in general often itch and on top of it, Herpes lives in the nerves so it just aggravates them all the more and magnifies a lot of the symptoms. On top of the creams, try an Epsom Salts bath - put the salts between the legs - the water will soften the scabs so they can fall off sooner and the epsom salts will soothe the area. Then put on the aloe/cream...

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Yeah itching during the healing process is normal. Especially when they scab up. Itching usually means it is healing actually.. I think about when I have a cut and when i have a cut it starts itching when it scabs.. That is a good sign ! (:


You can use some cream they say aloe cream, but to be completely honest I use bag balm and coconut oil. That helps me.


I am a huge believer in bag balm for everything !

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Hi ,


yes itchy feeling in or at the end of an OB is really normal, don't worry about that.....it means that your body still fight the virus. You even can get this symptom's without outbreak. it only tells you to be carefully´with touching that area and having sex.. but it will go away soon . :)


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I have type one too. Epsom salts is my recommendation. I never really hurt too bad or itched like crazy. It wasn't a walk in the park or anything but it wasn't terrible. Anyways, I used epsom salt, I swear by it. Big handfuls in warm water. I didn't itch, I think this may be attributed to my use of epsom salt. I did them twice a day. And yeah, @wcs is right, you will see the scabs come off. Nasty... But it works. Mine came off in the tub when I did epsom salt baths. I didn't wash for about a good few days down there, I just did epsom salt baths... I was afraid to touch. Anyways, once I got brave to touch, I used antibacterial soap in hopes to dry my skin out down there. And to keep the sores safe from bacteria.

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And by the way, none were near my perineum, mostly up my butt crack. Weird cause I am so not in to having my salad tossed, his mouth went nowhere near there. "Butt" it really did help me.. Since they weren't on the tenderest part of the female area, as in, my actual lady parts. Butt crack skin seems more similar to arm skin... Maybe that's why epsom salt helped so much.

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I'm 39 and had my first OB on my inner labia and around my anus a few weeks ago and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. It lasted 2 weeks and I had all the stages, from intense flu-like symptoms to the red bumps to blisters to open sores and scabs, tingling, itching, etc.


For the absolutely insane itching that kept me up at night I ultimately found that this worked best: 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball (and then a quick shot of water to dilute it a little bit) rubbed lightly over the affected areas. Perhaps because it was slightly diluted, it just tingled in a cooling way, never hurt, as some have said may happen. I used multiple tea tree treated cotton balls so I didn't spread the virus more (one for either side of my labia and a third around my anus). Then I added a pure organic aloe vera gel to the affected areas (not inside the vaginal opening!) and finally I put my hair dryer on cold and dried the whole area out really well. For me this instantly provided relief and I did this many times a day/night when it was unbearable.


Now, 3 weeks later I have a few red bumps that I've kept at bay through good diet (high lysine to arginine ratio), exercise, and maybe just luck. They itch a little so I treat them with the tea tree method multiple times a day and they seem to be fading.

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