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Tea tree oil and herpes outbreaks?

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Hi Sab!


Here's an article that goes into detail about it all:



Depending on where your outbreak is located and how sensitive an area it is, you might try watering it down a bit before trying it full strength. Take it easy on it 'cause that tea tree oil is strong stuff! ;)

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You want to make sure the tea tree oil is seed free. Last year there was this guy down in Brazil who used some on the pimples on his butt and before he knew it he started receiving letters from Greenpeace saying he couldn't shave his butt anymore because it violated some obscure law on deforestation. Now the guy really has a stick up his bum.


I've used tea tree oil and like Adrial said, it's a good idea to water it down until you know how your body will react to it. I would not apply it to areas such as the labia and certainly never internally. Anywhere else you should be fine to apply it, let it soak for a while, and if it still stings/burns after a few minutes, wash it off.



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I use it in organic coconut oil. Use about 15 drops per 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Just gently heat the coconut oil till it only just melts and add the tea tree oil - pour into a jar and seal. (I heat it in an old pot - don't microwave it). If the weather is hot the oil will be liquid anyway.


You can slather it on all over and use it internally too. It soothes and heals really well. You can use it if you have a BV infection too and it works really well. Put it on morning and night and after bathing.


Happy Slathering ;-)!

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I used tee tree oil in the past and it calmed down my itchy feeling but I stopped it because I thought its to strong (the oil and the smell ).I tried the coconut oil too on my spots but I prefer to eat every day my meals with that oil plus a lot of turmeric because both are natural antivirals. turmeric is 100 percent stronger antioxidant then broccoli for example. I still do get OB but if I get one its really small.

A bath or a hot shower always calm the itchy feeling down so if you have a bath ( which I don't have :( Spanish people seem not to like that )you should go for it .

have a good day


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