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How long does herpes prodrome last?

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I was exposed to he virus 5 days ago and after freaking out the first two days, I've left my bottom lip alone, and I'm experiencing now tingling, and itching in one spot on my bottom lip. I read that prodrome lasts a few hours to a day max before the cold sore appears, but it's been 5 days straight and I'm constantly experiencing this burning and itching sensation. Is it possible to go through prodrom without any cold sores arising? How long does this last before a cold sore arises?

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Yes. You can have prodrome without blisters. Prodrome can be so mild people don't notice it or it can be very very noticeable and cause a good deal of pain. I've read many people get to the point where they don't outbreak anymore, but experience prodrome still. But again, it's oral for you. You haven't had a blister. Stop stressing over this. I think you are fine. But as concerned as you are, it may be a good idea to go to a doctor and get a professional opinion to ease your mind. Just a thought, but that is the sure fire way to figure out what is going on. For me, genitally, I later would learn my prodrome was a itchy vagina (which I thought was a yeast infection, because I had been sexually active so little) and burning when I peed (thought it was a uti). I thought I had put my girl in shock by letting a guy go down on me and finger me, hadn't done this in a long, long time. Note, I didn't have vaginal sex and got this. So, either way, whether this is or not oral hsv for you, take note and be smart. You can get oral herpes down on your lady parts from a guy or female going down on you. My prodrome started Friday, bump came on Sunday. Please try to see a doctor so you can get some peace. Good luck!!

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Well.... They may think you are crazy... Like my friends and doctors did when I would get tested for herpes and other stds when I had not even had sex... But that was who I was before I got this. I tested regardless of activity and what my doctor thought if it was necessary or not. Anyways, they may look at you funny... But just explain you are worried and just want a professional opinion so you can have some peace. I had discharge one time and went to my obgyn. He was like You haven't even had sex... Your hormones are just out of whack. Needless to say, I still freaked out and wanted reassurance. If a doctor can give you that you will stop all the stressing. :)

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I've been having oral prodome symptoms and genital symptoms too. The genital ones for a few days, actually about a week. And the sore throat one day. Last time (the first time) I had the tingling and stuff for like 2 weeks. But I never got blisters. So I'm confused.

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@bebe sometimes you don't. From my understanding and research, sometimes you may have prodrome but the body ends up taking care of it and you don't get blisters. It's all based upon the person but it is possible to have prodrome and then never get blisters. Prodrome pretty much is your warning sign that one could be coming on, not necessarily that it will actually produce blisters. Hope this helps.

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Also @bebe I'm not sure how long you have had this but I am still new to it all, but I've had two freak outs thinking I was experiencing prodrome and nothing happened. I know that I'm super in tune to every little tremble, itch, throb etc. I think sometimes I think it's prodrome and it's not, but I'm still so new to it that I don't know what I'm looking for. When I have felt this way, I double up on medicine and try to calm down and stay relaxed. I do it as a just in case, that way when the medicine isn't enough and I do actually break out I've paid attention to what clued me in. It's so hard to tell when you are new to it all, so just be cautious and keep mental notes on your body and what it is doing.

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I feel the same way! At this point I take every little strange feeling and connect it to Hsv-2. And from the time I felt weird to now, almost 2 months. In guess I've never had a full on outbreak, but I've had these tingling, itchy, pains for almost the whole time I've thought something was wrong. I'm trying to chill out so I don't stress myself into an outbreak. But I'm not even sure what counts as one. UGH. I'm so tired of everything.

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Hey it's early days yet and yes you may be having constant prodrome symptoms. I had an almost constant first episode for 5 months. Now almost two and a half years later they are once every few months..and I'm not sure if its an episode or not but just treat it that way.


I remember the early days when I spent every moment I could checking out my lady bits lol - the mirror almost fused to my hand! I so know what you mean!


But it does get better...just be patient and do all the right things to stay healthy. Focus on life and look at the symptoms as an annoyance that will pass rather than an illness that could get worse.


I used to use an affirmation " My body is healing even when symptoms are present"...and "Every day in every way my body is strong and healthy"...I used to say them over and over again - my morning walks where affirmation time. I think they helped. Now I just 'oh yeah - this too shall pass :-) ".


Your bodies will get the hang of this virus.. :-)

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Thanks Lelani! I have definitely been glued to a mirror the past few days. Every tingle I think it's a cold sore or an outbreak down there. I haven't gotten outbreaks yet so I'm just stressed waiting for something to happen. So I definitely have to de-stress.


I have a question though, can you have very small bumps that never turn into lesions? I feel like I've had Hsv-2 on my lips but never get to the lesion state. I put abreva on one yesterday and it seemed to calm down. Idk if it was an almost cold sore or just a pimple that abreva helped.

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Haha thought so...only because I have been there :-).


Yes you can get small bumps that never turn into anything...that's what I get now, or just a red patch. I don't think it will turn into more now after a couple of months..just keep appreciating that its just red itchy patches :-) Annoying but manageable.


As for your lip...I very much doubt its HSV2, its VERY rare to get it there. Unless you have had a lesion swabbed on your lip and its positive its most likely not. Maybe its a cold sore HSV1 or just a pimple. Don't worry about it :-).


And unless you feel real pain and discomfort PUT THE MIRROR AWAY lol!! x

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I hope it's not Hsv-2 but at this point I think it is. Just because my lip feels so funny. I haven't gotten a lesion on my lip ever and the doctor said I wasn't Hsv-1 positive.


I think I just felt my first Hsv-2 sore (down there) though. It feels like a cut and its risen a little bit. It's scabbed up though, not large and not very red. Sound about right?

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It shouldn't effect your excersizing plans. (: I started excersizing and now it is a part of my daily routine.. and Klopz we haven't seen her in a while. She excersizes all the time. You should definitely get that checked out by a professional, because it doesn't necessarily mean you have herpes.


But if you do it could be that your body is healing it faster than most.

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Well, I would get retested for both in 3-4 months -- it's VERY unlikely you have HSV2 oral ... OR if you get a full blister go get it swabbed and ask for the test that will tell you which one it is ....


It's entirely possible too that you are coming in contact with something you are allergic to. Have you changed lipstick recently? Just a thought

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Hmm maybe I have hsv-1 too? But I would've gotten them at about the same time, so idk why one would be negative. The first time I felt tingling my lips were dry I guess. Then it went away. Now last week I started feeling more tingling and burning. I bought abreva and have applied it about 2x a day. Could it be that? It seems to help with the burning feeling.

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