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Genital HSV 1. Lots of questions

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Hello, I'm new here. I just received the call yesterday confirming that I have genital HSV 1. I slept with a guy over a month ago and he rimmed me. A few days later I developed what I thought was a rash around my anus. I went to the doctor and she said it looked like herpes and took a culture. She sent me home with an antiviral medication which I finished. The culture came back negative for HSV 1. I have a thousand questions that I wasn't comfortable asking my doctor. I have done countless hours of research on the internet but most of what I'm finding refers to genital HSV 2.


I asked the doctor about antiviral medication and she called in a prescription for me in case I feel an OB coming on in the future but said that it wasn't necessary for me to be on daily suppressive therapy because it's HSV 1. I am a single woman and would like to continue dating. Is it better for me to go on suppressive therapy?


The initial OB was around my anus with no blisters or rash near my vagina. If a guy goes down on me is it possible for him to contract oral herpes through shedding even if he doesn't make any contact with my anus or anal area?


I'm aware that health wise I'm going to be fine and is it more of an inconvenience than anything. So my questions/concerns really have to do with transmission to future partners.


I know there are no hard and fast rules for herpes but any information would be greatly appreciated.

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First, Welcome! Glad you found us...


There are differing opinions about Genital HSV1 - certainly it sheds a lot less and doesn't like the genital region hence the reason the Dr doesn't want to put you on supressive meds.


So here is how *I* see it ... 80% of the population has HSV1 - so I would wait until you are with someone ... find out if they already have it... if so, you don't need the meds to protect them as they already have antibodies to it so they won't get it from you.


If they don't have HSV1, then you have to figure out what risks they are willing to take. What *I* would do in your case (given the location of your OB's) is to have the guy come with you to your Dr or Planned Parenthood and have someone explain the situation so the guy can decide what risk he is willing to take. To be honest, if he got HSV1 oral it's not the end of the world.... but of course we want to protect where possible.


Anyhow, I don't think you need to go on the meds unless/until you meet someone you want to be intimate with ... and then you just need to have an adult conversation about your situation and get him informed (and one thing you should point out is he has likely kissed PLENTY of girls with HSV1 and it sheds a lot less down there than it does on the mouth ;)


Hope that helps a bit :)

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