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Hsv-2 on mouth and down there?


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Hi guys, happy v-day. I'm a day late, but oh well. First, I wanted to say that I appreciate this forum so much. It does help me calm down sometimes when I'm freaking out. Thank you for all the kind and encouraging words. Also, I went to the obgyn yesterday and I think I knew more about it than she did. Smh. She said my bumps were ingrown hairs...hmph.


Anyway, so it seems that my itching and tingling in the buttocks and all around have slowed down again. But! I'm getting a little funny feeling in my lip. The reason I went to doctor in the first place was bc I thought I had a cold sore. But it never came. So what gives? That little spot on my lip chilled, now it's the other side of my lip. Kind of feels like the smallest tiniest pimple in the world? Could it be that I have Hsv-2 in both places? I've never broke out before so idk where it's supposed to come from. :-/ help! I just got a pimple on my nose too. I think the stress is killing me.

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Hi Bebe,


Right back at you. Your bumps could very well be ingrown hairs, so don't get too down on your OBGYN. But, that's also the problem with herpes...it can look like a lot of different things...but then again, a lot of things can also look like herpes.


Is it possible to have HSV-2 in both places? Sure. If you had oral and penetrative sex or fluid transfer before you had antibodies built up, yeah, it could happen. Is it common? No. In fact, only about 2% of people with HSV-2 have it orally.


The stress is definitely getting to you. Try and relax. Not everything is herpes. Sometimes a pimple is just a pimple, and sometimes an ingrown hair is just an ingrown hair.

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Sigh. Okay, Herry. I'll try and take your word for it. I should just let whatever is supposed to happen happen. The little bump on my lip is kind of tender and more noticeable. I prob shouldn't have, but I bought abreva and swiped some on there. I really hope I don't have to deal with this in two areas, cause I'm already depressed as is. Bah humbug. Lol


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Hey, I got it in both locations. If that's your worst case scenario, then you're doing pretty well in terms of all the things that could be "wrong" in your life. ;) And I hear you. I know it seems like so much bigger than it will end up being in your life. Don't let it consume you. Give your body time to build up antibodies, soothe yourself and destress. Take care of yourself and continue getting all knowledged up. I'm glad you're here and reaching out. :) Big hugs!

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Thank you for making a forum like this. I've learned so much already. I got this because I didn't take care of myself or love myself enough, and I guess now I really have to. Funny how life works. Lol


Question! Does this make it easier for me to pass on during oral sex/kissing?

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