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Gratefulness Journal

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Thanks themeditationresolution for making me realize I should really acknowledge the things I am grateful for.


5 nouns I am grateful for:


My Dad - In life you taught me not to take things for granted. You taught me to trust, but to not trust to much. You taught me respect. You taught me how to give respect, and to treat people how I want to be treated. You accepted me and didn’t push me to the side. Through out my addiction, through out everything. You always had hope. You could see that I would be something great, and that some people are late bloomers. I am grateful because I am 20 years old and you still take care of me. I know a lot of people who kicked their kids out at a young age. You always told me that no matter what you were proud of me, and that helped my motivation to do better for myself.


My Mom - You taught me the best thing of all. To always keep a smile on my face and to not stress as much. Even though I do stress a lot. I can always hear you in the back of my head telling me to calm down. You stuck by my side through all of the bull shit that I put you through. I was not the best kid to you and there are a lot of things that I wish I could take back. That is another thing you taught me was to hold my head up high and to learn from my actions. Every day is a learning experience, and that we make mistakes. They make us stronger.


Boyfriend - Well first off, we haven’t known each other for that long, but you accept me the way I am. I know I am not perfect, and you know that also. You take me just as I am. I know it seem’s like I may not listen, but I take in more than you think. I appreciate your input, and your honesty. I am grateful that we can be as open with each other as we are. You have definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things and people. You help me when I am upset to think rationally. You also truly help me not stress over the things that I shouldn’t be stressing over. I wish we could talk as much as we used too, but just knowing that you are here for me and that you are not going to leave me is awesome enough. I can’t wait for more days to come. (:


Best Friend Meghan - You haven’t been doing so well lately, but I am grateful to have you in my life. You were the one person that I could always go to and know that you were never going to judge me. The one person I could tell all my dirty little secrets too. We have been friends for ages, and been through hell and back. We have done our dirt and we have our shit that is going to be between us. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t know what I would do with out you. I hope that you get better and realize that you have so much more to live for, because I love you and I am extremely grateful to have you. The one friend that has never stabbed me in the back. The one friend that has never left my side no matter what the distance was. <3 I love you.


School - Even though I hated going to school. I really do miss you. You taught me how to do well with others. Taught me that learning is not that bad. Honestly I want to go back to school and gain more knowledge. I am grateful to have you and know that I can have a safe haven for me, my books, and my brain.



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:) Beautiful. This thread feels so good.


I'm grateful to opening to love on deeper and deeper levels and in many different ways. I'm grateful for living so close to nature. I'm grateful for having a close relationship with both of my parents. I'm grateful for having such heartfelt, nurturing, in-tune friends. I'm grateful for our H Opp community that keeps spreading the love. :)

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This is a weird one... but I am grateful those evil girl scout mint chocolate chip cookies....those things are so freaking addictive.


I am also grateful for every day that I am alive, giving me the opportunity to do something good everyday for someone else.

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I have never done this before, but I will try!


I'll start with a 3 things.


1. My family, who drive me crazy but are hilarious and awesome and love me. Lol

2. Opportunity/2nd chances. Although I am going through this hsv thing bc of a guy...something I thought would NEVER happen, I find myself eating better, taking my vitamins, trying to better my health. Taking care of MYSELF, which I never did. (Can't wait to start running again btw). I just know I have the chance to be happy and I have to work for that. It's still possible.

3. Love. You all show it when you answer my rants and questions. I see it from friends (even though they don't know what I'm going through yet). I feel it from my family. I feel it from my bf, who even though he's hurt me beyond words I know he does care for me and wants to take care of me. And soon I will be able to list myself. I don't love myself much now, but I'm working on it.


Anyway, that's it for now..

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Today (and everyday) I am grateful for...


The amazing people I am blessed to have in my life. For my housemates that brought me flowers simply because they love me and know how my heart's been hurting. I'm grateful for the endless supply of hugs they provide me, and the laughs we share together every day over regular absurdities.


I'm grateful for my parents. And for my fur babies.


And I never thought I'd say this, but after spending the past year abroad, I am grateful to be back home, frolicking in the snow.


Almost forgot how nice it feels to remember all of the blessings in life... must remember to do it more often.

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I am grateful for my Father's Colonpin (anti-anxiety drug) that is the one thing that is helping him to keep sane while he deals with my Step-mom's Alzheimers, and the guilt he feels for putting her in a Memory Care unit. It's a horrid disease. The meds are the one thing that are keeping him from going off the deep end (and they act fast, for which I am even more grateful). Aging parents are not for sissies.... so I'm grateful for anything that brings him peace and happiness during this time.

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Tonight I am grateful for being able to swim in the sea on the way home from work ...for dancing with my loving partner who adores me...for my three children who are healthy and happy...for a new job I LOVE...for a beautiful home...and for being able to make someones day with an act of kindness :-)

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