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Let's try this.


I am grateful for my baby girl she is the engine of my life, I thank God everyday for my silly, smart, beautiful, grumpy and the most important out of everything for my healthy baby =)


I am grateful for my life lesson H+ because it has changes my view of life before this I was just and ignorant who would feel special and think that this kinda of stuff and more worst would never happen to me thank God it was only this and not something worst.


I am grateful for being able to wake up everyday healthy and see the sun light, for my family my friends and my enemies too.

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I'm grateful that I'm four months outbreak free, I'm grateful that I've discovered a possible reason that this may be a positive in my life, and I'm grateful that I made a decision Sunday night to stop saying negative things to myself, like no one is ever going to want me or if I get to get married or if I have kids. I'm grateful I have a doctor that is understanding and let's me call with questions all the time.

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Love this...


I am ever grateful for all of you... it is so beautiful to watch relationships blossom as we share our stories and lend our support. You all have inspired me to a higher me in many different ways. I've learned more about life and love here, in the last few months, than I ever have.


& My little man, Reign... my Sonshine <3

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I'm so grateful to have found this site and to everyone on here who is strong enough to share their stories. All of us have experienced ultimate lows and ultimate highs, but we've all faced them and survived. It's amazing how a few words from a total stranger can change your outlook!! Thanks for sharing everyone :)

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1. I am grateful for this website. Though I may not post often, it is so uplifting reading yall's positive thoughts when the road is a little bumpy.


2. I am thankful for that great of day on May 13 when my ex told me he couldn't see me as a girlfriend anymore. I know he will be a great guy for someone one day, but I'm not that woman. I was holding on to so much negative energy trying to keep him around. I just was driving myself deeper and deeper into a hole.


3. I'm so thankful for my dad. He may not know about me having H, but he is just great. He reminds me how the odds will always be in my favor when I keep my head up and focus on me.


4. I'm putting my mom and best friend is the same number because they are both equally great and amazing. These two have been there every single the moment I called them crying with the diagnosis. Each doing their own type of research to help me great through my hard times. It's truly impossible to give them enough thanks.

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I am gratefull for having found @Adrial.

- dont think i would have survived without this forum.


I am grateful for herpes. It destroyed toxic friendships that i didnt know were toxic.

it has helped me become patient with others.


I am grateful for my family, and the love and strength they have given me.

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