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Help for lower back pain


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Hi! I'm new to this forum and I just got confirmation today that I have HS2. I had my first outbreak a couple of weeks ago. Today I finished my 10 days of valtrex and the sores are healing but I still feel very tender. I assume that's because it's still healing. Two days ago I started getting an intense pain in my lower back. I still have shooting pains down my legs. I'm assuming this is just the virus taking over the nerves but my question is what can I do to relieve the pain? It's constant and makes it difficult to work out and very uncomfortable to ride horses which I do several times per week. I am just trying to deal with all of this without letting it define me. Thank you for any advice and I apologize for rambling :)

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Hi Ashley,

I'm not an expert, as I've just gotten past my first outbreak and diagnosis as well. But once I was feeling better and functioning, I did have strange lower back pain too. It felt almost flu-like and painful aches. I couldn't find much about how to resolve it, so I took Advil and rested (I realized it was my body saying I wasn't fully healed yet and I'm PARANOID of getting another outbreak).

I am VERY active and this has been hard, but the back pain did go away after 3-5 days and I was able to go downhill skiing! So maybe some patience, Ibuprofen and healing is still what you need. I am not a patient person, so I understand it stinks.

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CURSE OF THE DOUBLE POST! ;) I'm closing this one down for comments. If anyone would like to add a comment to this topic, here's the original post:



(FYI, when you do submit a new post, just push the submit button once so it will only be posted once. It's a small glitch in the system that I haven't been able to fix. Thanks for your patience and your help!)

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