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I can see clearly now.

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I decided to take the Herpes home course with Adrial (The Creator of the H Opp.)

As usual I felt compelled to share. I have been dealing with herpes for 9 months now, Wow I can't believe how time has gone by! Its almost impossible to share how my life has transformed! First with the H OPP weekend and now this course. I swear this is the truth and not a shameless plug...Every time I think I have a grasp on my thoughts, life and attitude Adrial helps me look deeper into another layer of myself. I keep exposing Life long patterns and ways of thinking that just no longer suit me. For me the truth is that I have realized The things that held me back actually have nothing to do with having herpes at all. Any negativity that I seem to have is really from some old bad experience or some wrong way of thinking. Sometimes the easiest answers are staring us right in the face! I guess I wanted to share this with all of you as a reminder. we are so worth it...we cannot let the stigma of herpes win!! I know for me that once I really took a look at my life before and after herpes such a small part of it was affected because of the actual skin rash...It was my attitude and viewpoint and the beliefs of others that had the most impact...and now with the help of Adrial and this website I can see clearly. I have actually shocked myself I never expected the possibility of a better life living with herpes. I can see what's real and move forward with new standards and integrity. Thanks for letting me share!

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I loved your post Noel...yes herpes has a way of screaming at us to let go of negative thoughts and attitudes towards ourselves. And somehow we tough try and hold onto them like we will never survive without them. And yet....they are the things that hold us back.


I'm glad you have been able to work through this with Adrial...and are posting on here. The more of us who demonstrate that life is good with herpes when you work through your negative beliefs and thoughts, the more others will be inspired and motivated to work through the layers too.


Stay positive and keep posting :-) x

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