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Nutty Question

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anybody else here peanut butter obsessed?


Peanut butter is (literally) the main staple of my diet... I started eating it in large quantities when I needed to add on some poundage because it is calorie-dense, good fat, protein, etc., and now we've become so intertwined that I doubt I'd last long without it. But, I know that with the whole lysine/arginine thing, nuts are bad. So wondering, since peanuts are technically more of a bean sort of thing, if they would still be lumped together with the rest of the nuts in being high in arginine? anybody know?


It seems a bit screwy because 99% of what I eat (PB, beans and rice, lentils, oats, bananas, and soy...yeah I eat weird..) is apparently high in arginine while things that I NEVER eat (like meat) and things that I occasionally eat but mostly try to avoid (like dairy products) are high in lysine... Is there anybody else on here that is vegetarian and if so, do you have problems with any of those things (beans, rice, soy, nuts, etc)?

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I love me some peanut butter, and yes, it is high in arginine. Everyone is different, and the lysine/arginine ratio is a theory that's based in science, but doesn't apply to everyone. Personally, I taunt my herpes. I drink soda like a fish, eat as much chocolate as Willy Wonka can produce, smoke like a chimney, and sleep as little as humanly possible without slipping into a coma from sheer exhaustion. Where we differ is that while the King of the Jungle likes to eat meat, he's never met me, the God of the BBQ Grill.


My result: No outbreaks.


Play around, see what works for your body. You might discover that foods don't trigger it at all. Unfortunately, for herpes there just isn't a one size fits all manual.

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Actually, peanuts are not a true "nut" ... but they are generally put in with nuts because of their taste and shape.... in fact they are a legume like Soy, peas, and lentils)


That said, I just found a great source for all the real nuts for the amount of Arginine in each (and there is a BIG difference from Sesame seeds to Chestnuts)




And here is the data for peanuts




That said, I LOVE peanuts. I did go through a spell where Peanuts and chocolate together would make me break out.


You just have to find what works for you. If you tolerate peanuts, then eat them :)

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