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Exercising during herpes prodrome? Outbreak?

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So, My next question.


After my OB (which I think is still not over), but the lesions etc have healed, When can I go back to exercising? I have the aching, tingling, numb, burning feeling in my privates. I also have a band of on-fire feeling across my butt - but nothing going on there - just the sensation. Also, my complaint last night of the shooting, horrid pain, burning etc etc up and down my leg. I don't do anything vigorous - about 30 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise on the elliptical. Do you think there could be too much friction if I do that? I don't want another OB. Please advise! I think exercising again would cheer me up.


As I have said, the docs here are frigging nonchalant. So, their response is always - it's a skin condition, do whatevs!


Thanks! X ~ me

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Welcome to herpes!


Yes, it's a barrel of laughs. Your OB sounds a lot like my primary. Itching, burning, numbness, tingling...and everything else. Like sitting in a patch full of poison ivy.


It's going to vary by individual, but my primary went on like yours is for about 3 full weeks. Then, it just vanished. A little tingling here and there, some burning/itching, but everything else went away. And, I was exercising, not sleeping, basically doing anything I could to irritate it and let it know who's the boss in this body.


Get back into your exercise regimen gradually. Figure out how far you can push yourself without triggering the BS (Blister Squad). Most people don't have too many triggers, but you'll want to find yours so you can avoid them. Or, if you're into S&M, trigger them 'cause it just hurts so darned good.


It is a skin condition. Listen to your docs. They're right. It's an annoying skin condition, but really it's not much different than psoriasis, rosacea, or others. Learn the triggers. Learn the management. Learn the pattern, and it becomes nothing more than a tiny bit of your life.

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reality is......exercise is not likely to trigger an outbreak, wear loose clothing or do it naked! for all you newbies, try not to put too much emphasis on all of these little details and issues. worrying about triggering an outbreak is far more likely to cause one than most of the things you are fearing. exercise is obviously great for your body and even better for your mind and spirit. don't let this silly little skin condition control your life, just live it! as a fitness professional and someone who has had this virus for 17 years I can tell you, there is absolutely no reason to stay away from exercise!

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I have not let this stop me from exercising at all. I workout couple times aweek. Even if I have prodrome I still go. Like everyone has said, everyones trigger is different. For me, the gym is a stress relief, so I feel its lowering my potential outbreaks or prodrome. Like fitgirl said, dont let this keep you from exercise, if anything it could possibly reduce the OB potential.

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So I was diagnosed with herpes yesterday and though I’m late on the game of taking the medication I’ve been on it for two days now and there’s no noticeable improvement down there from the OB (redness, itchiness, white bumps/blisters?) and I’ve been training for this half for months! Is it still possible for me to run it? And what will happen? 

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It took me 3 and half weeks to heal and I was on antivirals for about 3 mths then started having side effects and stopped taking them got hurt from a workout routine. I only didn’t workout for a couple days. Once I stopped antivirals then I started experiencing more symptoms I started getting nerve issues and 2 minor outbreaks on my back and in the crack of my butt. I have still stopped the antivirals because the dude effects were to much for me. My issue still remains with nerve issues and tingling in my legs and butt area.. I hoping this will eventually go away because sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. I’m 8 mths in on getting Hsv1 gential. 

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