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Sweet summertime?

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Okay so spring and summer is right around the corner. I'm scared of the sun and it causing an outbreak. So, advice for spring summertime and what to do to help prevent a breakout from the sun. I don't want to completely stay in my house all summer, I love swimming and love summertime. But I am scared of a lot.


Is it okay to sit and tan in the sun? If so, what precautions?


How cautious should I be in a swimsuit? I mean if I sit on a chair should I wipe it if someone sits after me? Can my nieces sit in my lap at pool dates? I don't know if I'm even going to wear a swim suit as I am scared, but just want to get some advice on it.


Sometimes I have drunken beach runs and lake time. What if I dry off with a towel and a drunk friend touches it? Risk there?


Thanks y'all!





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Honey - I tanned (and still do) with every kind of bathing suit and had years where I was quite tan. Every once in awhile it seemed to irritate it but it might have been the nuts/chocolate I was eating then too. Start with short times out in the sun (as you SHOULD do anyways!) and see how it goes.


And once again... H doesn't live long at all outside the body. Unless you are having a full-blown, oozing, scabby outbreak (where you wouldn't be wearing a swimsuit anyway) you should be fine sharing towels :)

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I'm out running around on the beach in the sun in a bikini just about every single day (literally) and don't feel like the sun has any factor in my outbreaks whatsoever. Definitely don't completely stay inside all summer, especially if it's only for a limited part of your year -- that would be tragic :)

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thisisgoingtobeokay , You'll be fine. You might have an outbreak, because everyone is different, but just try to take extra care of yourself during that time. From personal experience, if you feel the sensation of one coming on, I would suggest to not wear a bathing suit, as it will cause more friction and heat, which may irritate and "excite" the virus. When I get an outbreak in the summer, I always think it's from the heat, but not entirely sure.


Kanoa you're lucky!! I wish it was summer here! We're getting more snow tonight tomorrow and Wednesday unfortunately. And about 4 inches of it!


Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!

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Enjoy the sunshine :-) I am just going through the sunniest summer of my life and I have never had a tan before (only because I lived in a place that didn't get alot of sun and now I live in the sunniest place in New Zealand!) ...and this summer I am sooooo brown because I been in the sun and swimming every day. And NO episodes at all.. all summer (I had more in Winter with all those layers of clothes on!). You go for it!!!! (but yeah tan sensibly :-) ).


As for worrying about others contracting it from where you have sat, or sitting on your lap. or sharing towels - H doesn't work like that. It likes thin, sensitive, soft moist places on the body...and dies when it doesn't have that environment. It doesn't lurk around on seats and towels etc.


So have fun in the sun with your family and friends and don't give H another thought:-)

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