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A friend of mine called me on my lunch break and said I have something to ask you, I said okay what? She said I know it's touchy with you but I really want to do a speech on herpes. I've learned so much about it from you and watching you go through this has been hard on all of us, your friends. I want to change people's opinions on it and tell your story so people learn it's not just whores or dirty people who get it. I want to interview you, without your face. (That I didn't agree to, said I would give a statement though). I want to talk about transmission rates and to explain to people how testing works. Basically, she wants to tell my story, what she has watched me go through emotionally, and then talk facts about it, and encourage people to be more understanding if someone discloses to them. She said it's hard watching you go through this and I want people to understand.


I'm pretty proud of her for wanting to do this. Thought the H opp might be happy that one of my friends is doing this too.

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Good idea. It'll help both of you to do this! Just remember that you want to retain the right to whomever will play you in the movie that you will later decide to make from this whole experience. That's very important. The wrong actress and you can come off as either a tramp or a naive little schoolgirl to audiences. You don't want either. You want audiences to think of you as a strong, confident young woman with lots to offer the world. Personally, I think Kimberly Williams would be a good choice for you. Sweet, a little innocent, but tough as nails if you piss her off.


Also, don't forget that you're going to want them to show the fish in the right light and give him an action role or two. The fish cast for Deuce Bigalow were all low-paid amateurs and you'll want to make sure to get someone like Nemo's father who can give advice and provide solace convincingly on screen.


Finally, as far as the "gift giver" goes. That's a tough one. You don't want audiences to hate him, but you don't want them to like him either. You're gonna have to walk a fine line there. David Carradine could pull it off. He did it in Kill Bill. He's a good guy, but a bad guy, but a guy you really can't hate because he is who he is just because.

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