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just some random thoughts..by.. me

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Ok, so recently I had a outbreak of oral hsv1, with my new found knowledge..i decided to treat it as genital herpes and abstain from.. kissing.. (not sure if jane has it or not). ok..far more brutal than not having sex I have to say.. I can feel close and connected with Jane without sex but damn.. no kissing? ow.. just ow.. how the hell is this any better than genital herpes?? its not.. just has a better name of cold sore, and lacks the social stigma. (im sure this isn't a unique epiphany ).


Also, since I signed on to this forum ive had one hsv2 outbreak.. took Valtrex.. 2 days didn't even get to blisters.. this stuff is awesome!! it dawned on me that genital herpes (along with all other herpes) is treatable.. WHY ISNT THIS MORE OF A FOCUS? sure its forever but you can treat it and its gone faster than a common cold. I deal with shame now.. the shame of making herpes way more than it needed to be... shame of the denial of the lies of the emotional roller coaster I let having herpes put me on. ok .. I have herpes.. whats all the hub ...bub?? just saying.

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Yup - you just finally got the irony of the issue of Herpes.... except that most people don't understand that they can pass it on so they wouldn't abstain :(


And yes, Herpes IS treatable (tho some respond better than others to the meds) ..


The Hub bub will disappear when we can talk openly, as ADULTS about it and spread truthful information ... as long as people are shamed into closets, the stigma will remain :(



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it doesn't matter if you have H on your mouth or genital but sure genital is a private area,so the people take it more seriously and its much stronger at least for woman.

The most people think H only exist on mouth because what we usually see and yes in the past I thought its only at the mouth, I heard the first time about herpes genital of a colleague of mine and she didn't make big deal of it , she thought she not even had to tell her partners...till I got H and found out fuck yes you need to tell your partner. When I started to get more information I Had a serious conversation with her that she really do the wrong thing but she was sure she cant infect anyone when she don't have an OB....after that really strange phone call I deleted her in all my contacts.

Well the H on the moth is usually for 1-2 weeks so you able to kiss her soon :) no worry's this will go over , 90 percent have H 1 and we all like to kiss people and we still do .

I had all my live H1 on my mouth but when I got H 1 genital ,yes this was a deal breaker , I was more ashamed of that then on the mouth ,not sure why but its that way , its more personal. ..its intimacy.

Well we all here to educate people ,that's what I try to do with my friends and we have to scream it out .....ITS ONLY A SKIN CONDITION FUCKING HELL Yeahhhhhhhhhhh.One day people will understand but it need time

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