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From Heaven to Hell that's how I feel.

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Hello everyone I can't really believed that today I am writing about H never thought that it would happened to me I found out three weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a girl that I met, we went out for few months and after few weeks having safe sex once we didn't use protection after 4 months of break up I went to do a physical test in general including std and I was shock when I went to picked up the results and the doctor told me that I was HSV-2 positive I really didn't know what it was she asked me if I have had any rash or blister in my parts and I haven't had any outbreak I only know I have it because the test but that's it I went home and started to do a research about it, my world crashed when I saw that it didn't have cured I got nerves and cry for almost two weeks I was devastated, I always have being very healthy and now I don't know how am I going to do with this I know a lot of people have it but I feel alone, I am a good looking man if you would see me in the streets never would be able to tell that I have it, I'm into sports I work out and just a normal young 22 years old man but right now I feel that I went from heaven to hell even though lately I being try to feel a little bit better, this is my first time sharing my story only my brother and Dad know it, they really love me and they have been a big support for me but sometimes it hits me and get depressed about it, I feel like it I will be alone for the rest of my life and its hard for me because I consider my self kinda of as a needing person I hate loneliness but I know I am NOT going to give this to someone else, I don't want somebody to feel the way I am feeling right now I rather never being in a relationship or sexual active with someone then talk about this. All your comments and stories have made me feel a lot better but sometimes still hard to process it Thankx to everybody in Here and God bless you all...

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Hi Steven90!


WELCOME to the forum! I won't be the first one to tell you that you have come to a great place for support and love which it seems you have already figured it out :)


I'm sure we all have had the moment where we never thought it was going to be us, unfortunately these are life's curve balls! You will be surprised at how strong you actually are, and how this can actually open up a whole new chapter for you. You will read many stories of how this has actually broadened peoples' perspectives about life, love, relationships, sex, all that good stuff! Of course we all have bad days, but fortunately this is a very manageable situation and does not and WILL NOT define who you are.


You are very lucky to be able to share that with your dad and brother, who i'm sure will help you along the way. Any questions, feel free! You've come to a great place! I am no pro, only three months into this journey, but this site has really helped me<3


You will be more than okay, i promise;)!

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It 05

thank you for your words appreciate it your comment and yeah I am positive that God have put this on my life path to help me grow up like a person and become a better man sometimes I think that it could have been something worst but Gosh this stills hard for me, I would like to wake up from this bad dream, but hey this reality.. =(

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Hello Steve90 ... and Welcome :)


as @It05 said, you have found a great place to learn, rant, cry, and find support while you adjust to having your H friend.....


I always have being very healthy and now I don't know how am I going to do with this I know a lot of people have it but I feel alone, I am a good looking man if you would see me in the streets never would be able to tell that I have it,


So try this little exercise my friend... next time you are in a place where you are among a large group of people, look around and see if you can "tell" who has Herpes. Hint: 1 in 6 will be HSV2+. AND 1 in 4 will have HSV1. AND, you are STILL "healthy". You just have a hitchhiker in your system ... and it sounds like your body is dealing with it very well. There are people here who would give their right arm to have not had to deal with their initial outbreaks ;)


As far as the young lady who gifted you with this, there is a pretty good chance that she, like you, had no idea she had the virus. Have you contacted her to let her know your result? If she did know, she could be under the misconception that she is ok to have sex as long as she doesn't have an OB... there are even some Doctors out there who are telling their patients that they don't have to tell partners as long as they are "careful". It's a horrid mess that we are working to change.


That said, you don't have to be alone for the rest of your life...promise. For 2 reasons. 1) given the number of people with Herpes, you actually have decent odds of meeting plenty of women with it...(women are twice as likely to have it as men) and 2) even if the woman is H-, you can use anti-viral meds and condoms to protect her. There are TONS of stories on here of people who have H- partners.


So - be patient with yourself and the process... read and learn all you can about our Herpes friend (I like to say that Herpes can become your wing-man ;) )



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I know exactly how you feel and our story is similar. You just have to be strong and learn to accept it.. it is hard now but you have to give yourself time. Many people have this and I'm sure a lot of us have went through the stage of depression. I've had my days, but it gets exhausting on the body and mind so find someone you can talk/vent to. It will be okay...

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@@WSCDancer2010 thank you for your post, yes I did contact her and she told me that she was clean that she recently had a pap and everything came out good but herpes can't be find in a pap unless she had an OB that obviously she didn't has it at that time I am pretty sure it wasn't me because I had been tested before for all kind of std just like it I did with this last test I used to do that every two years since I was sexual active at 15 I don't blame on her or neither hate her it was my fault because I accepted to have sex without protection so that was the risk I was taking.

She said she got tested already like three weeks ago and that she was going to call me whenever she get the results it's going to be a month from that call and she hasn't look for me yet.


To @ChanelChanel thank you also for you post, I know I have to be strong and I been trying to be lately and with all the stories I had read in here I have feel a lot better but you know there is days like you said that I think about it and worry about the future, it makes me feel down but I am going to live day by day first "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" that's what I am trying to put in my mind now. =)

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