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Another Herpes Outbreak

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Hey Everyone,


I am having yet another OB...2nd one in the last few months due to stress..this one is worse than the last though. The last one only lasted like a day after I took the medicine...this one is spreading and not going away. Its bad enough to remind me of my initial OB...having flashbacks! I am sitting here feeling "down" as I wish I didn't have to deal with this extreme pain every time I am stressed because that's a lot! I can barely walk. And even though my boyfriend accepts it, I still feel "ugly" and unsexy when I talk about it. Even though I do talk to him about it, and he seems ok to talk about it, I still feel uneasy and weird. I guess I just needed to vent! and it'd be nice to know what relieves the pain!?!?

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I know the feeling! I actually get an outbreak right around my period every few months or so.. so I'm used to it. Something that helps me was prescribed by my doctor when I was diagnosed. It's a jelly called Lidocaine Hydorchloride Jelly USP, 2% When I am having an OB I put it on the area that's affected, since it's not usually "inside".. it will numb the area so you don't feel the pain/itchiness. I usually let it soak into my skin a little before I put my underwear on.. and then it helps for hours, sometimes more because my mind is not really on the pain anymore. I will usually bring the lidocaine jelly with me and reapply when necessary. It helps me out a lot!


I have only used this, and I know I should be taking suppressive therapy but I haven't been for years..I will start again when I go to the doctor in a few weeks :)


I always felt uneasy/weird when I told my boyfriend about my OB's.. and he was ok with it. But just take it easy, try to train your mind to destress, drink lots of water, stay away from nuts (cashews, peanuts, etc) ... and focus on healing!



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Thanks! i will ask about that jelly stuff...I haven't heard about it but I am willing to try anything! Great advice on the nuts (I did not know about)


I have only been taking Valtrex when I get an OB, but started taking it more frequent when my bf came around which is why I think it is not going away as quickly now.


Thanks again!

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and then it helps for hours, sometimes more because my mind is not really on the pain anymore.


That is soooo true - as soon as your mind fixates on something, it will magnify it. That holds true in just about everything in life. ;)


Regarding the nuts - yes .. many people have trouble with Chocolate and nuts - two foods that are high in Arginine. Google "Lysine, arginine, and herpes" to learn more about foods that *may* be affecting you.


I used to have trouble if I ate chocolate and nuts together (as in, trail mix). Nowadays I eat peanut butter and nuts and chocolate ALL THE TIME and I'm fine. I think there is a whole lotta info on the chemistry of the body and diet and Herpes that we still don't understand.


There were a bunch of posts on how to relieve the itch awhile back... one of the best for some was to sit in a bath and dump about 3-4 handfulls of Epsom Salts between your legs so it's concentrated there... helps to dry it up. I always found that if you can find something to dry the sores up quickly that the OB would be drastically shorter. Nowadays I hit mine with Ammonium Alum (discussed below) before it's even visible because I know exactly what "that tingle" means and I can't remember my last full-on OB.


http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/1624/herpes-medication-genital-hsv-1-how-to-keep-herpes-outbreaks-clean-dry My discussion amonium Alum)






Hope this helps (((HUGS)))

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