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I dont know if this is a herpes outbreak or not.

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Hello everyone. I haven't been on here in a while due to me moving 3000 miles so I have a lot going on. So I was wondering if this is OB. I have pimples all over and feel like I am allergic to everything. Mainly my stomach, wrist, inner thighs. I know my inner thighs is probably an OB but my stomach, wrist and arms are very itchy and turning into pimples and clear puss. I have been putting oatmeal location and trying anything to stop the itching. So is it an OB. If it is, want can I do besides taking the pills cause I don't like the way it effects me. Anything will help and I appreciate it.

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I hope your move went well. It does not sound like an OB. You could be having an allegeric reatcion to something you ate or touched. This condition isn't like chicken pox althought they are related from what I learned. Ever had chicken pox btw? And lysine supplements help control outbreaks I know.

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Definitely doesn't sound like Herpes - herpes doesn't produce pus. If you haven't had Ckicken Pox tho I'd get to a Dr just to make sure that isn't it .... I'm concerned about the itchyness. In the mean time, try taking an antihistamine/Benydryl ... if that makes it go away it's a pretty good chance it's an allergic reaction.

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