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Don't feel alone...you just don't know who around you has an STD...or two!

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I had an amazing experience yesterday...it really showed me that there are people all around us who also have STD's. Sometimes we are privileged to meet them...


I don't personally know anyone who has both HPV and HSV2 like me. I have learned to accept these viruses, found someone who accepts I have then too and I feel ok about telling people. BUT still I hadn't met anyone dealing with both.


I moved to another part of the country a few months ago to be with a lovely man, amazed that I met someone who thought I was worth any risk to his health, who now doesn't even think about me having a couple of STI's. I got a job in my new city and then was offered another...which I jumped at. The job of my dreams :-) (I am now co managing a big charity store).


I have had a month working with the most awesome and beautiful boss - this week we were talking about philosophy and theology (after having some intense discussions with a young zealous Christian volunteer). We realised we had both brought up STI's with him as an example of a test of faith ( he hasn't had sex yet at 24...). We then opened up with each other about our own history...it works out that both she and I are 'two for one' girls!


Total amazement for us because she didn't know anyone either who has these two STI's...and it reinforced for us that having an STI is an opportunity to grow, to be brave and to practice compassion.


I actually talked to the volunteer about how I contracted it...he thought people died from STI's and that basically they 'bring it on themselves'. Wow...that was a great discussion and hopefully he's better informed. I didn't quite fit his beliefs about it!


So you never know who is part of the club unless they tell you...don't think that you are alone :-)


P.S. The first man I met after I was diagnosed I rejected because I couldn't deal with disclosing to him...and when I did...well he had it too!



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So so true - 1:5 people around you will have Herpes. According to the CDC, virtually 100% will have HPV at some point in their lives (I'm pretty sure I have it because I've had abnormal Pap smears a looong time ago so my next trip to the OBGYN will be to get that checked out)... so there will be a LOT more two-for-one folks out there than you think my friend.


(FYI Lady-friends - there is no test for men for HPV... at least not one most will do because it involves shoving a swab up their willy.... and a regular Pap smear will only catch about 30% of the HPV cases out there... and yes, the REAL HPV test isn't given unless you ask for it in most cases. So make sure to ask for it on your next OBGYN visit and, if you have it, don't freak out. Pretty much everyone will get one sort or another over their lifetime... likely thanks to the fact that men are not tested and there are 30 varieties out there. Only about 4-6 cause cancer tho - 2 cause warts, and the rest seem to just hang out in you creating havoc on STD tests :p ... oh - and the "abnormal Pap smears" are not cause for total panic either.... 33% will clear up on their own, 33% clear up with Folic Acid {nutritional supplement} treatment, and the rest take at LEAST 5 years to become cancerous and are VERY treatable) HPV lesson over :)


See, this is the thing, if we could TALK like ADULTS, imagine how many people we could EDUCATE like that young man. I'd love to have been inside his head when he went home that day because you likely blew his mind about things he had been thinking about sex and STD's. And that is a wonderful thing :)

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I kind of felt comfort yesterday at work when one girl said ,"yes, that's a big old cold sore over my lip". I know, not the same as HS 2 or HPV, but again makes you realize it's sooo common and let's just talk about it without any worries and learn/share. Another co-worker chimed in and said I get those too. Although I didn't blurt out I have H 2 in the middle of the office, I'm still working on my disclosures :}

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Well, I wonder if they know they can pass that on with oral sex? I just had a long conversation with someone about all the STD's and lets just say it was an education for him and he's in his 50's...


You may not want to blurt things out but perhaps you can find ways to educate them even without disclosing ;)

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I had a similar experience when I was first diagnosed!


I was renting a room from a very nice lady, who took me to the doctors when I was sick and made sure I was looked after.


The day of my diagnosis, in the bathroom I noticed an empty valtrex package on the counter. I was confused, so I asked if it was hers, and told her that's the same medication the Dr had just given me. She then told me about how she'd gotten HSV and HPV from her unfaithful husband.


Although at that point in time I think I was still in complete and total denial about the fact that I had this thing, that experience definitely helped me to know I wasn't alone, right off the bat, and seeing how well her life was going on made me feel that much better at the time.



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