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break through herpes outbreak

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Oh! In hell again. I am having a break through outbreak even on suppressive therapy. I'm upping my dose. I don't want to go to the doc cause he's creepy. I may just call him and insist on a phone consult saying I'm busy which I am. usually see him at a big hospital and he keeps insisting to see me at his private clinic and keeps asking me where I live. Maybe he's trying to be nice?


My prodrome (sp) seems to be a band of burning across my butt yesterday and viola... a little itchy, burny bump this morning. I was also extremely emotional yesterday due to other personal stuff And i had a fever and cold like symptoms over the weekend.That could have been the trigger. However, I can't not be emotional. And I wasn't even emotional about h, it was about my seperation and having to file for divorce. Ugh!


I wish I had a "safe" haven or person to talk to near me. Like physically here. It's torture. I feel lost and alone and so very unloved. I wish I could just grow up and manage my emotions better, but I feel like I'm regressing to the emotional intelligence of a 5 y/o. I can see the change in me but feel powerless. I'm not angry or mad. Just deeply sad.


Thanks for reading guys. X~me

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The fever/cold could have been the prodrome too... keep mental notes of that for future reference... you are in the learning stages of YOUR version of Herpes so you want to make mental notes of how you felt before an OB.


Sorry you are having a rough time.... you have a lot on your plate and H isn't helping. But do know that it's temporary (it's ALL temporary!) and you will have better days again.


(((HUG))) chica...

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Hugs to you. I often get colds/sniffles as a prodrome too - so annoying. The one thing that 'helps' is knowing that it's linked to H I guess. I don't worry that it's going to turn into the flu, just my body's way of telling me to slow down and stop stressing.

All well and good unless you're in the middle of a stressful situation, which sounds like you are. I guess you just need to be as kind to yourself as you can right now. Long baths, some chocolate, and heaps of virtual hugs from us x

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So this is becoming a pity party and I'm invited!


I run a mid size company and yes the stress is high. I am also now a single mom. Juggling my work and kids and home etc I started leaning on my mom. My father (who's advice rregarding my sadness about my marriage is "cry into a pillow") started lecturing me about how I was taking advantage of my mom. This is after I have had conversations with her about the kids and so on and so forth. And then when I tried to tell him I need the help and asked him what I was supposed to do he said I don't care. I was so shocked.


The hurting burning sleepless nights, busy stressful days made worse by weird emotional feedback from someone I should be able to depend on makes for a very very distressing situation.


Thanks for reading and your continued support. I love you all. X~ me

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I hear ya sister! My parents made it VERY clear that they would not be "babysitters" for us (this made me laugh because we lived 1000 miles from them... AND, they had had friends who I called "Grandpa and Grandma" who would take me on occasion for the weekend to give them a break). My father is only just now starting to be a *little* interested in the happenings of my kids. And my daughter said something about my getting Herpes that was more painful than everything everyone else has said all together (in fact, she's the only person in my circle of family/friends who has been at all ugly).


Families can cut us the deepest. In part because we believe they should treat us differently. Bottom line is, they are human too AND there is often more baggage between you than you will ever have with friends. If you can accept that, it can get easier to deal with the crap they send our way.... remember, even with family, it's not about you, it's their BS that they are sending your way...


Don't let the bastards (family or otherwise) get you down. Don't expect any more from them than you would from anyone else (in fact, don't expect anything at all... expectations are a pretty good guarantee of disappointment :p ) . If they give you help and support, great. If not, move on. Sometimes friends are the ones who pull you through better than family ever will.




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