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New herpes diagnosis, starting a family, safest times?

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I was recently diagnosed with Type 2. My first outbreak was in Aug 2013 and was so mild all tests came back negative. I am on my second ob now and it has def been worse. I am getting married at the end of this month and am thankful to have a fiance who is ok with everything. WE plan to start our family this summer. As far as we know, he is negative. I suppose I've had this for a while but never had an ob.


I do not wish to take meds. I will not even take otc drugs for anything. My ob said I would have to take antivirals the last month of pregnancy but I would rather not. Anybody had success not taking antivirals?


Is the safest time to not spread it right after an ob clears since I just shed?


I normally get brazilian waxes and wanted to get one for our honeymoon....is it still safe or could it cause a flare up?

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Welcome tsv33 :)


So here's the deal. I didn't take them for my second daughter (first was a planned Cesarean because they scared me into it) but they were pretty new to the market (we are talking 25 years ago.) Today I would take them, because the very last thing you want is for the baby to get it, because that is the ONLY time that Herpes is a dangerous virus. The baby can be brain damaged from the virus simply because they can't fight it off. With 25+ years of using this drug for the last month of pregnancy I have not heard of negative side effects for the baby. I am a Massage Therapist and I very, very rarely use OTC drugs either but this is the one time I would suggest that you alter your thoughts and take the Acyclovir for that one month. AND, women are more likely to shed during labor in their first year of having the virus, because you are still building up your immunity.


There is no "safest" time... and OB is simply a mega-shedding...


As for Brazillian wax, I would be really careful - a lot of women get an OB after them and seeing as you are in your first year, you may be more likely to have an OB.



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Thank you so much. I am also experiencing what I feel like is a back to back ob. As soon as my first one cleared after only one week, now a diff area is swollen and I feel some of the same symptoms. Did I spread it? :( I was super careful when wiping.

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