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A bump? Ugh. How do I know?

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Okay, just was checkin myself out in the mirror and noticed a red spot on the cup of my booty. It didn't hurt when I touched it but I also can get close enough to really look at it. One bump. Red. Doesn't hurt. Can't see if it has a vesicle. It isn't raised.


For type 1, is one bump common for a recurrent outbreak? Should it be hurting? How do I know what I'm dealing with. I'm freaking out. And not ready for another outbreak. I don't want this to expand like the first one all over my butt. I'm scared because I got one bump and then more and more last time and it's near my first bump so I'm scared. Really scared. I haven't noticed any red spots down there since my initial. I got one bump and then more the next days during my initial, so hence my concern. I haven't noticed anything else funky. Someone just walk me through this what typically happens for a recurrence in case this is what it is. It's near the area my first bumps came. So I just need to know what's going to happen. I'm panicking. *Trying* to be calm. I can't miss work. How much do I up my valtrex if this is one?


Thanks y'all.

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Honey - as you have seen me tell soooo many people on here, there is no "normal" with Herpes... But at the same time, I'm sure you had the occasional zit/irritation on your arse from time to time before Herpes. So chill out, BREATHE, keep an eye on it... if it looks like it's spreading up the valtrex for a few days and do all your Espsom Salts stuff (in fact, I'd do that now seeing as it worked so well for you.


Chica, you need to chill out - you stress out so much I'm surprised you are not dealing with one constant OB :P Get back on that Gratefulness journal and keep working towards living that positive life. You made great strides the other day... keep focusing on that stuff and not on the "possibility" that you may be having an OB... throw that friggin mirror out!!!



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I know. I'm just scared. I can handle it. It just is scary. My friend looked and said it was a pimple. She said it had a white head on it. So I'm more calm now. I just am so scared of it being like that first one and although it wasn't bad, it still wasn't fun and just made me feel bad. I just got really scared because of it's location. It is so near my first bump spot. I know that spot like the back of my hand. I'm doing better. I'm just so tired of being angry and upset all the time, that I decided to change. It was too much to carry. And I just got so tired of feeling like shit all the time. Emotionally, I am at the best I've ever been but I don't want to break out. I'm considering starting my masters or getting some books and working towards law school. Haven't decided for sure which one. I just haven't had any ambition or drive, but it's back and I'm ready to start doing something with myself again. I know my strong points and I just have to keep on and validate myself. And furthering my education gives me some kind of strength and inner peace.


I still get scared though. And since I only have that first outbreak to go on a "bump" on my ass sends me to a panic. I should have broken out again as much as I stress. Miracle is the only explanation for that. Thank you for responding.

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Hey girl! I'm in the same boat as you! One bump where id always breakout, not red or blistering. Been on suppressives for 8 months now without one outbreak. I too stress myself out and I probably look at it a million times a day. I don't want to ask my doctor because the bump can barley be seen with the naked eye, I can feel it though. It went away but came back in less than a week. And it still doesn't look red or inflamed. Maybe being on suppressives makes the outbreak not come completely to the surface. I almost want it too so it can start healing instead of just driving me crazy wondering what it is. Ahhhh

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Just answered this on the other thread but the meds are likely controlling it for the most part ... just double up on the meds for a couple days and it should knock it right down... if it doesn't it's likely an ingrown hair ... but the safest thing is to treat it like an OB and find other ways to be intimate ;)

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